Nikki Noomé

Nikki Noomé was born and raised in Pretoria, South Africa, and moved to the United States in 2016. She is pursuing a degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Integrated Marketing Communication, and minors in international studies and digital arts. She is especially interested in digital arts and is currently working to obtain InDesign certification; she is also proficient in Illustrator. Nikki has enjoyed creating art since a young age and has found a lot of joy in combining her hobbies with her formal education.

Nikki is an active member of the Wilmington community by investing in the lives of middle and high schoolers by volunteering at Port City Community Church. She is very passionate about serving alongside others and the community she is a part of there. This led her to apply for an internship with the Student Ministries team, where she got accepted and completed two years. Through the internship, she learned the inner workings of what it means to lead a youth ministry. When Nikki is not running around doing crazy things with the students, you can find her spending some quality time with her close friends or curled up with a good book. 

Nikki has a remarkable work ethic and has spent the last two and a half years working for Campus Life Conferences, Events, and Reservations Office as an Office Assistant. Through this job, she has gained a lot of professional work experience and it gave her the opportunity to meet other students. Some of the professional work experiences that Nikki has gained while at CER include communications, more specifically, telecommunications, email correspondence, and in-person communication. She has become proficient in applications such as Excel, EMS Software, the university’s scheduling system used to support and facilitate campus scheduling, and Social Tables, software used to create floor diagrams for events. Nikki has also had to step into multiple different roles throughout her time at CER where she got the opportunity to learn how to operate Lumina Theater technology and gained experience in Event Management.

The time Nikki has spent at UNCW has prepared her well for her future endeavors. Some of her main accomplishments from her classes include a prototype of a phone application and the creation of a brand identity guide (BIG). Both these projects have continued to inspire Nikki to pursue a career in graphic design.

Brand Statement:

Nikki Noomé is a friendly, faithful, and hard-working individual who loves helping and developing people, pays attention to details, and thinks fast on her feet.