Corbin Minor


Corbin Minor grew up on the water in Bath, North Carolina and has a passion for spreading the love of watersports through professional instruction. He has spent his entire life around the water. His knowledge and passion in watersports show through the success of his students and joy of his customers. Corbin is an excellent communicator when it comes to administering instructions to his students. 

Corbin is an effective communicator in both professional and casual settings. He is able to analyze and break down any form of communication to maximize proficiency. Corbin’s proficiency through communicating consists of active listening and responding in a written or verbal matter. Corbin has his professional Hootsuite certification and is an expert in analyzing trends and organizing campaigns online. As a communication studies graduate, Corbin uses rhetorical analysis to create content that has high engagement on social media. He has created campaigns, along with multiple business portfolios that showcase his work. Corbin wants to use his elite communication skills to create a bond with the world around him that prospers.


Since good communication is the key to everything from business, to love and politics. I am dedicated to creating communication that is interesting, crystal clear, and easy to comprehend.