Nobody Puts OBJ in the Corner

The NFL may already be the center of focus during the Super Bowl, but that doesn’t stop them from joining the competition for the most memorable advertisement of the night.

If don’t watch the Giants play, you may be unaware that Odell Beckham Jr. has become fairly well-known for his touchdown celebrations. See the below highlight reel for reference:

In a commercial with the slogan “To All the Touchdown Celebrations to Come,”  Eli and Odell take on the epic 80’s classic Dirty Dancing. The two tackled the iconic choreography with near perfect accuracy. Although, admittedly, Odell’s moves are a little more polished than Eli’s, but that just adds to the charm of the ad.

The goal of the advertisement is to market for the upcoming season by highlighting the fact that, for most teams, the Super Bowl marks the beginning of a fresh start. For Eli and Odell, that means nailing the perfect touchdown celebration.

The ad is a mix of surprise, nostalgia, and humor, working in unison to secure its spot at the top of the numerous “Best Super Bowl Commercial” lists for weeks to come after the game–that’s free advertising. The cost to run an advertisement during the Super Bowl is worth it if the ad is successful. Not to mention the fact that several of the ads, including this one, go viral online before the game even airs.

How do you think they did?

-Katie Solinski

Unity, Empowerment and Diversity

Whether you care about what is happening between endzones or not, the commercials during the Super Bowl never fail to keep us entertained. The Super Bowl remains to be one of the most watched programs of the year, year after year. Because of this, time slots for commercials in between the game are incredibly in demand.

pats eagles gif

After a one year hiatus, Toyota decided to release three ads for this year’s Super Bowl, more than they have ever created before.

Their first ad was called “Good Odds,” it takes you through the journey of a Canadian Paralympic skier Lauren Woolstencroft from infant to gold medalist. As her life story continues, it shows the perseverance and drive it took for her to become a gold medalist by displaying her odds of becoming an Olympic champion as it gets higher and higher. At the end of the Ad, Toyota presents out their “Start Your Impossible” campaign, showcasing some of their mobility solution products.

Their second ad that aired filled a 60-second spot just before halftime, called “Mobility Anthem.”  The Ad features 100 different people from ages 1-100 encouraging people to “Start Your Impossible.” It encourages viewers to overcome adversity and doubt by aiming high and being your very best. They highlight the thought that “when we’re free to move, anything is possible.” Again, this ad was apart of their “start your impossible” campaign that showcased Toyota’s numerous mobility technologies. I personally found these two ads to be effective because they were attention-grabbing, diverse, and bought to light a line of products that I didn’t know existed.

Finally, Toyota aired their third commercial capitalizing on their long-running slogan “Let’s Go Places.” This ad brought a sense of light-heartedness to Toyota’s brand for the night. It featured several different types of religious leaders all getting together in a Toyota truck coming together to go to a big game. This ad really puts an emphasis on an overlying theme unity and diversity.

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-by Jackie DiGiacomo

Can We Please Talk About Alexa?!

Ok. So. If you didn’t see this INSANELY GREAT commercial, I suggest you do. Here it is:

And there’s actually another one that’s just as funny:


Amazon did a great job targeting its demographic, especially in the celebrities they chose to be “Alexa’s” voice.

Gordon Ramsay is the chef that tells everyone how awful they are at cooking and calls them names. We love it. On twitter people ask him to rate food they’ve created and he tears them to shreds. Again, we love it.001


Cardi B is relevant to us because she is literally everywhere. You can hear her all over the radio and she has a strong social media presence. People definitely know who she is.


Rebel Wilson brings the type of humor that you don’t always see on a T.V. commercial. I personally thought her part was the funniest because it was so unconventional. She fit in perfectly with the other two celebrities selected.

004Even the people they chose to be as actors throughout the commercial showed who they were targeting and I liked that they chose an adequate person based on the senario. Chef Gordon for a younger guy needing a recipe, Cardi B for a younger guy who has to know who she is and rebel Wilson for a crowd a little older but her calm voice (I think it’s her accent) really fit the scene.

Amazon did a really great job in creating this commercial. I think its brilliant. Humor is a great way to sell your product.


Izchel Padilla



This is a Tide Ad.

One of the most anticipated aspects of the Super Bowl is the commercials. The companies with the “best” Super Bowl commercials tend to be Doritos, E*TRADE, Budweiser or Bud Light. Very few people look forward to a laundry detergent commercial.

However, this year’s Tide ad, featuring David Harbour took place every quarter of the game making the viewers look forward to what the next Tide ad may be. Even if you weren’t looking for a Tide ad, you were watching one, or at least that was the idea behind the advertisement itself.

The first quarter Tide ad set the viewers up to realize that if you are watching an advertisement and the actors in it are wearing clean clothes, it could be a Tide ad. In each of the following quarters, Harbour appears in a scene that is almost identical to another company’s brand and he states “This is a Tide ad.” In one example, a family is standing around what appears to be an Amazon Alexa and “Alexa” says “this is a Tide ad,” once again reinforcing the Tide brand.

In a way, Tide took over the Super Bowl because of these advertisements. Even if the viewers weren’t watching an actual Tide ad, they would then watch another ad (Alexa for example) and think about the Tide commercial that they just watched. Procter & Gamble (Tide’s parent company) even got some free ad time for their other brands, Mr. Clean and Old Spice. This was very clever on their part because they got the audience to recognize their other brands with aspects from a Mr. Clean or Old Spice commercial while still advertising for Tide.

Overall, Tide may take the trophy for the most effective advertisement in the 2018 Super Bowl. Even as I write this blog post I realize….

This is a Tide ad.

– Logan Prochaska

Hyundai: A Dad’s Best Friend

In 2016 Hyundai created a commercial for the 2016 Super Bowl starring Kevin Hart. The commercial focuses on their new Genesis model and how it has a Car Finder app built into the car. The app connects to your phone, Apple watch, and other smart devices.

Instead of stating this feature they decided to introduce this new feature through a comedic storyline. The storyline they created focused on dads who have teenage daughters entering the dating the world. Kevin Hart, the father, follows his car using Car Finder and basically scares off the guy who took his daughter out on the date. Throughout the storyline they added exaggerated scenes of Kevin Hart hiding in the stuffed animals and riding in a helicopter with missiles on it. Basically, what you can gather is that Kevin Hart is not playing around when his daughter goes on a date.


The reason why this advertising strategy works is because of two reasons: Pathos and structure. Pathos is used a lot in this commercial to help viewers gain a better connection with the commercial. The commercial uses humor to bring in the audience through the silly antics Kevin Hart goes through to look over his daughter. However, throughout the story you also can gain a since of nostalgia, love, or warm feeling from seeing how much a father cares for his daughter.

The other reason everything worked so well was because they used a narrative structure instead of one that simply list the benefits of the car. The structure allows viewers the chance to connect through the use of pathos. It also sets itself apart from other car commercials because they didn’t mention what the car was and don’t until the end of the commercial. They got the audience involved before introducing them to the product they were selling. In the end, Hyundai really is a dad’s best friend.

Myranda Ross


So Punny Super Bowl Commercial

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If you didn’t know what Bai Antioxidant Infusion Drinks were prior to the 2017 Super Bowl, I’m sure you quickly found out once you saw Christopher Walken recite the famous line from NSYNC’s popular song “Bye Bye Bye.” Walken then looks over to Justin Timberlake and they look at each other for a few seconds and then look back over at the camera where the Bai drink is sitting on a table and the song “Bye Bye Bye” blasts out in a effort to make a “punny” joke.



This Super Bowl ad was marketing genius combining a catchy pun, nostalgia, and two admired celebrities all in one advertisement. The Bai brand partnered with well-known and admired celebrities Justin Timberlake and Christopher Walken to promote their brand. This was a smart choice because most people know both of celebrities. Also, the brand’s target demographic is Millennials and Generation Z. So, choosing Timberlake to do this advertisement was the best idea…especially since they featured his old boy band’s song. Because most Millennials and Generation Z people can relate to this song since it was during their childhood/teenage years.

They also risked having a few seconds of no talking when Timberlake and Walken look at each other. Super Bowl commercials are already so expensive just for a 30 second ad…so you want to use your time wisely within the commercial. However, in this case I think they made a good decision in incorporating the pause because Timberlake has an odd look on his face as if he is thinking about the “punny” joke Walken just made.

What do you think? Do you think they promoted their brand well? What could have they done better?

That’s it for now…


-Emily Holt


VW’s The Force


The Force

(Photo from TIME Magazine)


This ad created all the buzz in the Super Bowl of 2011. If you are not familiar, this is an ad for the Volkswagen Passat featuring a child who dreams of having ‘The Force.’ A Star Wars spin off, this ad created a marketing campaign controversial to the original stigmatism of other Super Bowl ads. Tim Ellis, the head of marketing at Volkswagen North America at the time, fought to pre-release this ad four days before the game. The original commercial is 60 seconds while VW only had a 30 second spot during the Super Bowl.

The longer ad was released four days before show time, and it was a hit. It is personal, and that is what good marketing is all about, making it personal. People can see themselves in it. It has an antagonist, protagonist, and conflict, and resolution packed in both commercials. By the time the game aired, people already knew about it and could attest to its greatness.

Now a model for other ads to pre-release their commercials, “The Force” will forever be globally remembered.

Kristan Cottle

Here are the links to both ads:

60 seconds

30 seconds