Amberlyn Pearce

Amberlyn has a passion for standing out and making a difference, and her sense of creativity is what makes her passion so easy for her. She is a senior at UNCW, finishing up a degree in Communication Studies. She knows that she will thrive in the Communication Industry because of her skill for storytelling and understanding her audience.  

As a student athlete at UNCW, she has developed the necessary skills of leadership, communication, time management, balancing rigorous schedules, and having exceptional work ethic. Amberlyn is very personable and has three years of customer service experience. She has completed the Hootsuite Platform Certification as well as the Social Marketing Certification. Through taking Essentials of IMC, she has developed the necessary strengths in advertising, public relations, promotions, social media campaigns, social media marketing, and word of mouth marketing. She loves to meet new people and has a passion for making a positive difference in people’s lives. 

Brand Statement:

I plan to use my communication skills, work ethic, and leadership skills to build connections and stand out in a positive way, while also creating a unique sense of brand awareness that leaves a lasting impact on society.