Enjoy the Ride.



Today I will be attending my last day of classes EVER at UNCW. What a bittersweet feeling. Four years ago, freshman year, I would’ve never imagined how amazing my time here at UNCW would be. I have made some of my best friends and favorite memories here and I wouldn’t change my experience for the world.

My college path started out like most freshman. I was leaving home for the first time (major home sickness), I was undecided and I was TERRIFIED. Being more of an introverted-homebody I wasn’t sure how I was going to do the whole “college” thing. But I slowly, very slowly, learned. Again, like most freshman girls I joined a sorority and immediately made some of my best friends, I was starting to feel like I was finding my place. I was finally feeling like I could actually do this whole college thing. The home sickness slowly started to fade and I was finally growing up.

School started to pick up and I was still undecided. I went from undecided, to social work, then right back to where I started. I had no idea what I wanted to do. It wasn’t until I took an Interpersonal Communication course that I found this major. I was finally taking a course which I felt like I was good at AND that I enjoyed. That next semester I decided to become a Communication major.

I cannot explain how beneficial this discipline is. We are taught how to communicate with people and understand them, and that is something that is extremely important in the world we live in now. We are shown DAILY the consequences of miscommunication, and they are not pretty.

Through this major I have learned a lot about myself. I have been able to (almost) overcome my fear of public speaking, I have learned how to successfully communicate a desired message, I have also learned that we only grow when we are pushed out of our comfort zones.

I would do anything to be in your guy’s shoes right now. To still have time in the beautiful school. If there is one piece of advice I could give you it would be to take full advantage of every second you have here. Go to the beach, walk the loop with your friends, sit in the amphitheater and soak in the sun, go downtown, take the time to talk to your professors, get to know your classmates and lastly breathe and enjoy every moment. There is nothing like these four years. You will learn more about yourself than you ever thought you could. By senior year you will be right where I am thanking all the people here who have made you the person you are today. So, good luck and ENJOY THE RIDE!!!

-Isabella Martinez

Hey, we’re not done yet!


We aren’t done yet. We still have exams, then the school year will be over and, with that, I’ll be walking and receiving my Bachelors of Arts in Communication Studies… And then I still won’t be done yet!

We all have a lot more to learn. We all have a lot more to learn!! This is why my favorite COM core skill is intellectual curiosity. We all need to be ready to continue to learn for the rest of our lives.

It’s just in my nature to learn; I came to UNCW graduating high school as valedictorian of a class of nearly 300 students (Please never look up my valedictorian speech.. I hadn’t taken COM 101 yet!) I’ve never been a great public speaker or general communicator. I honestly find myself to be quite weak in most of the core skills. But one thing is for sure: I can learn. I can put forth my best effort to keep learning everything about communication and even if I never master it I will just keep going. And eventually I will improve.

Anyhoozle (A great term I learned from Miss Gentry), I’ve loved every moment of being here at UNCW within the COM department. I started my journey in COM with COM 101 – Public Speaking with Miss Olsen and I was welcomed into this Leutze Hall family with open arms. I had terrible social anxiety and could barely speak to anyone at the time, but being in that class began to turn everything around for me. COM really saved me.

I’ve got a long summer of learning planned ahead and I’m already ready to get started. Never forget your intellectual curiosity. We all have more to learn.

-Andrew Moody ’17

Taking the Leap Proved to be Worth It

It’s safe to say that before I came to UNCW and became a communication studies major, I was living with my eyes closed. It’s hard to put into words just how thankful I am that I decided to attend UNCW, but I’ll give it my best shot.

I will start with the university as a whole.

Not only is it located in a beautiful place geographically, just look at the campus, but it is filled with people who are dedicated to getting the most out of every student. Transferring from a smaller school, I have to admit I was worried at first about becoming just another number lost in the crowd. I would soon realize that this was far from the case.

UNCW proved to be the perfect place to learn and grow

Not only did I feel right at home here, but my belief that the education I was going to receive would be superior, was confirmed.

As a transfer student going from already being a COM major, to PCOM, and forced to take public speaking, I was not exactly thrilled about my decision to attend UNCW my first semester.

Those initial feelings of doubt could not be farther from how I feel now.

After getting through the gateway courses, I started to realize how much being a COM major at UNCW had to offer. Taking courses outside of my focus such as interracial communication and political communication, combined with courses such as IMC I and Advertising II, helped me gain a broader perspective of the world and a better understanding of how everything is connected.

In addition to providing me with this broader and better understanding of the world, it also made me think more critically about it.

Everything is not always as it appears and it is important to understand how to think for yourself. Every course I have taken here has addressed this mindset, and is something that UNCW and the COM department should take great pride in.

Not every university prepares students equally

As a-soon-to be graduate from UNCW, I am more prepared to start my career than I could have ever imagined. I will be forever grateful for this, but I am more grateful for how prepared I will be to better myself in all aspects of my life.

My eyes are now open, and I will do my best to understand all I see.

Brian Clifford ’17








Here’s to Being Thankful My Plan A Sucked.

My last blog post on here, wow. I can’t believe it’s over.

Alright, here we go-

I didn’t plan on going to UNCW; it just wasn’t my ‘Plan A’.

I didn’t plan on anything happening the way it did. But you know, life is funny like that.

My whole life, I had always lived by the beach. But my freshmen year of college at ECU made me feel completely landlocked, lost, and not at all satisfied with tailgates and purple/gold color coordination. The pirate’s life was in fact not for me. I was miserable, and sooo not into skipping class for football.

I didn’t have a Plan B, so I just went for it, and followed my way back to the coast and transferred.

I never really found my fit in the land of purple and gold. But when I came to UNCW, it felt like home. And the funniest thing about it? I’m here because my ‘Plan A’ failed miserably. I fell in love with my school, my major, and my new found home. And I was completely okay with skipping class for the beach.

I’ve taken in all that I can from the journey that has been the past 3 years. And I learned so much. I learned what a COM major at UNCW should learn, but I also learned 2 crucial life lessons from my college experience:

  1. Your plans will potentially suck and fail.
  2. Your failed plans will bring you to exactly where you need to be.

So here I am, right where I need to be, forever thankful that my ‘Plan A’ sucked.

UNCW will be my alma mater, and Wilmington will continue to be the place I call home. My personal and academic life plans failed for the better, and it all worked out just fine. I wish I could hug the whole university and all its’ students, faculty, and buildings because I will truly miss the Dub Life.

I hope those of you reading this take your time at UNCW and in Wilmington. It’s a beautiful little place in a wonderful city. I hope you don’t get discouraged when your plans fail you. Actually, you should plan for all of your plans to fail, even the most secure ones. And if your plan fails? Just ride the wave of it until you reach the shore you’re destined to land at.

It’ll be a hell of a ride, I promise.

Kayla Millie ’17



Who we are when we think no one is looking

First of all, I just want to say that if you want to stay living in a bubble thinking humans are unbiased beings that always have fair and good intentions, maybe you should not read this book…. or maybe you should!

Dataclysm, written by OkCupid co-founder and President Christian Rudder, dives into the deep world of internet data and how our personal data is used to “spy on us, hire and fire us, and sell us stuff we don’t need”. Dataclysm is a book right in its time, since we now spend most a lot of our lives online.


Rudder uses analytics to collect data that explains who we are, what we desire, and want. But also, what we hate, love and fear. He explains that our “true self” is shown when we think no one is looking, however someone always is. Because, the internet is nowhere to hide. If you are on the internet and you are online, you are oh so visible. Just a simple Facebook “Like” can reveal more than you think about a person. 

Rudder explains that Facebook knows if you brake up with a boyfriend/girlfriend, if you like Dominos, or if you moved to New York City. And sites like Google, knows if you need a new dress for a formal, if you are gay, angry, lonely, or even racist.  

This book is filled with fascinating statistics, and Rudder uses numerous graphs and charts to showcase his findings. This book is eye-opening and should be read by every millennial since our lives are so very deep centered around the internet and the information that we put there. Dataclysm is both a fun read as well as an important one. 

I truly recommend this book to anyone who uses the internet! – which is all of you. 

– Olivia Nilsson

The Best Decision You Can Make is to Read This Book

Why should you read “Risk Savvy How to Make Good Decisions”?

Image result for risk savvy gerd gigerenzer

Well, first of all, it teaches you to know what to take risks in and what not to take risks in. What most people don’t know is that they fear things that the odds of them happening are almost impossible while some of the things people do not fear have a higher risk of doing either physical, emotional, or financial damage. This book also tells you how to be a leader and use your intuition to make good decisions. Whether it is a gut decision you need to make fast, or it is a decision that requires cooperation with a team of people, this book will show you how to make your decisions more effectively. In the third part of this book, he says that we need to revolutionize schools. In the book, he gives different ways on how teachers could better educate our students on risk-literacy and teach them better decision-making skills. So why you should buy this book? Well if you want to be better educated on decision making and intuition, this is the book for you.


The Tassel Was Worth the Hassle

When I first got to UNCW I made a bucket list of things that I wanted to do before I graduated. The list had 32 items that I thought would round out my entire college experience: study abroad, join a club, take a surf lesson, etc. While I never learned how to surf, I have very few regrets about my time as a seahawk.

giphy1I guess you could everything started when I joined TealTV, UNCW’s student-led production network. Here, I discovered a passion for marketing, made life-long friends, and gained marketplace and leadership experience. From here, I decided that communication studies was the only major that was right for me. I chose classes that not only interested me, but challenged me. I networked with my peers and professors. I learned how to be confident in the classroom. I learned when to step up, and more importantly when to say “NO” and take time for myself.

I worked really hard throughout my college experience. Like, I worked my ass off. I was the president of two student organizations, I worked part-time, and somehow still managed to re-watch the entire series of The Office nine times. Impressive, right?

I’ve always had a plan A, B, and C. But sometimes you find out that your plans aren’t the paths that you need to be on, or even necessarily want to be on. If you had asked me two months ago what I wanted to do after graduation, my answer would have been “find a job and move into my own place.” Graduate school was never the plan, until I went to a graduate school panel. My future did a complete 180, and after one week I was writing my statement of purpose, studying for the MAT, and pestering professors for recommendation letters.

You never know where life will take you. I certainly never planned to apply to graduate school, have to move back home for the summer, or be a camp counselor again. Hey, life happens. Am I right?


With 19 days left until I walk across the stage, I only completed half of the items on my bucket list. But, I don’t regret anything and I am so excited to see where the next few days, weeks, months have in store for me. Thank you UNCW for being my home for seven semesters and for changing me into the woman I am today.

“‘I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them.” – Andy Bernard, The Office

Kyndall DySard, Class of 2017