Was It Worth It?

When I started here, at UNCW it was two and a half years ago. A lot has changed since then. There were and have been many many many ups and downs, but I can honestly say, it was worth it.

A year ago I went through probably the worst time of my life. I really couldn’t have gotten through it, not only because of my family, but my professors here in the com department. I have never received so much support and love before from any professor.  I will FOREVER be thankful. Again, although that was a rough year, I can say now, it was worth it.

IMG_E9708 (1)


This year, within a month I lost both of my precious fur babies. One’s name was Barkley (on the right), and I had him for 15 years, and Prince (on the left) I had for over 8. That was the hardest month. Again, through it all, my professors were there for me and were so kind and understanding. I surprised myself with the strength and determination to get through the rest of the workload. Looking at how much I’ve grown from it, and the unconditional love I had from my fur babies for all of those years was so worth all of the pain and heartache.

In mem of B&P

IMG_4596Here I am, a month after they have passed, and I feel like I can tackle much more than before. I have grown and learned so much more about myself in these two and a half years than I have ever before. It was worth it.

I cannot believe I am here, posting my last blog post. I did it and it was so worth it!

Thank you to those professors that helped me along my journey here at UNCW. You’re the bomb.com.


-Jessica Rohe