A Seahawk Flying Away

It’s kind of surreal that I’m even writing this blog post. I graduate two weeks from this Saturday, and I still can’t believe it. UNCW has been my home for a lot longer than these last few years.

I’ve been born and raised in Wilmington. It’s where my family, friends, and current job are. It’s kind of crazy to think that there is a strong possibility that this amazing little beach town may not be home anymore after I graduate.

I went to Isaac Bear Early College High School for high school. For those that aren’t familiar with the early college method, it pretty much means that I finished all four years of high school in two years and spent my junior and senior year taking classes full-time at UNCW. I’ve been taking classes here since I was 16. Since before I had my driver’s license. Since before I even knew what Communication Studies was. Isn’t that crazy?

When I began at UNCW I knew I wanted to be a writer. It was just about trying to find the niche for me. I took Introduction to Creative Writing while still in high school and fell in love. However, I saw from the TA’s that were in charge of facilitating assignments, that it was pretty hard to get a job out of college with a degree in Creative Writing.

So now I was stuck. I wanted to write and be able to find a job upon graduation. But where was the place for me?

Through some family connections I heard about the COM department. When I heard the word COM I immediately thought of videographers and newscasters. I had no idea of all the different careers available with this degree.

I was encouraged by some peers to take IMC I. We were all in COM 105 together and wanted to try and take some of the same classes together in the following semesters. I loved Dr. Persuit and her method of teaching. I had always thought of marketing as only a major offered in the business school. When I was introduced to Integrated Marketing Communication, I knew I had found my path. And even after these past couple of years, I am happy with the decision I’ve made to pursue a career in Integrated Marketing Communication.

For those of you out there who still don’t know what path you want to take through this major, just breathe. You don’t have to find one right away, or find one at all. You will naturally be drawn to the courses that interest you. Don’t worry.

This major is something special. I’ve spoken to many friends in different departments who are envious of the relationships we form with both other students and faculty in this major. You are lucky for being in this place.

You’ve made the first step  in the right direction by being here. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

–Olivia Walsh