The Value of Time

The only true luxury we have in life, is time; you can’t get time back. This thought used to stress me out. As I transferred schools three different times as well as my degree. I felt like I was behind everyone that I had graduated high school with. One of my high school best friends has already graduated with her master’s degree in education while despite hurricane Florence’s efforts, I am about to finally see the end of my undergrad. As much as the thought of time has stressed me out, I have also grown to appreciate the value of time more than I have before.


I transferred to UNCW with my associates degree from Cape Fear Community College and the transition was easy. The counselors and professors were accommodating from the beginning. The transition from taking boring core classes to classes that interested me was exciting. After taking courses at two different community colleges, I had no idea the impact that UNCW would have. I have learned far more from my classes that apply the material than lecture classes before.


Quote from The Mind Journal                         

Over the course of five years, I have worked at the same job and through it, have met some of the most important people in my life. I have managed to pay my own rent for [almost] every month since moving out of my parents’ house, teaching me how bills really work unlike what high school finance classes taught. I learned to save my money, which lead to the ability to travel to Italy last summer through an outside program. I did not travel with anyone that I knew, but a group of people traveling solo like me. I met some of the best people on that trip and still stay in touch with to this day. I also learned how to buy a brand-new car on my own after my car was totaled over two years ago.

I suppose what I am saying is that there’s more to college than just receiving a diploma in the end. The people, the life skills and experiences along the way is what makes college so special. The quote from the mind journal helps put the importance of time into perspective. Everyone works at their own pace and some obstacles in life are all a part of the ride.

– Abigail Moorman