We’re Finally Here

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I never expected to be a communication studies major in college. When I was a senior in high school, I thought I might to major in history or anthropology. By the time I entered UNCW, I had decided on pursuing a degree in marketing at the Cameron School of Business.

For me, marketing was and is the perfect marriage between my strategic and creative sides. I took business classes for my entire first year of college and did well. I enjoyed economics, business statistics, and accounting was… tolerable. I first discovered the communication studies major when I had to do a project where I had to interview someone in the field of my dream job. While interviewing one of the Marketing Department professors, I was given some advice that would change my life “Take some upper-level communication studies courses.”

As the first Marketing Coordinator for Atlantis Magazine at UNCW’s Student Media, I found myself a lone business major in a sea of communication studies majors. Talking to these students, I was intrigued by the major and all the different skills I could learn. Already, I felt stifled by the business school and felt that I wasn’t learning things that applied to what I wanted to do. Communication studies offered the opportunity to spend more time in areas that interested me.

I signed up for COM 105 not knowing what to expect but quickly fell in love with the major. The communication concepts I learned in that class helped me through a difficult time in my life. Every time I went to the class I found elements that I could apply to things I was working through. I also learned how I could pursue public relations, advertising, IMC, journalism, and even qualitative and quantitative research as a communication studies major. I had always been interested in these fields but never imagined that there would be a major where I could learn all of them. Communication studies gave me the chance to pursue what I was passionate about.

Communication studies has opened doors for me that I never imagine. Through the major, I have been able to pursue qualitative research, work with clients in public relations, advertising, and IMC, and learn more about myself and relating to others. I also had the opportunity to study abroad and study advertising at a Costa Rican University (in Spanish eek), which would have been much harder to do as a business major. The upper-level communication studies classes that I first learned about as a freshman have been some of my best experiences in college. I’ve never regretted my decision to switch my major and have enjoyed every minute of my time as a communication studies major.

Now, nearly a graduate of the communication studies major, I can’t believe how quickly it has all passed by. My time through the major has felt like a whirlwind, but I have loved every moment. I wish I could stay longer and keep learning about this amazing field. As I look ahead to graduation, I know that the communication concepts I learned in this major will help me achieve success in my career, my life, and my relationships. I can’t believe it’s over, but I can’t wait to see where communication studies will take me.