5 thoughts on “Ten Principles for Better Advertising

  1. ASPCA commercials are a good example of some of these principles for better advertising. They are memorable for their stories, value, and use of data to help raise donations for their foundation. They especially use humanity and tug at viewer’s heartstrings to get their audience to donate, because who really wants to see a cute helpless dog hurt and abandoned, and hopefully, that humanity will elicit action in viewers.

  2. I believe this post shared some really great tips on advertising! I particularly liked the 10th principle, because it is very prevalent in our society. Many businesses fail because they just do not know how to keep up with the world currently. As a result, their advertising campaigns and business cease to exist (or is not as popular anymore). A good example of this is MySpace. They tried countless of times to rebrand their image to fit modern times, but it was not successful.

  3. I found these ten principles really insightful when it comes to implementing better advertising. A few were fairly obvious, but the majority I found to be helpful and unique. I specifically liked number 8 and found it refreshing that advertising should come whats in our hearts and minds.

  4. I believe this list rings true with just about all advertising no matter what the field. The one that I felt was most true was the last point- 10. “Things go out of business, adapt or die.” For example, if a business is running ads solely out of a newspaper page, they are going to receive much less attention than say if they decided to launch their campaign online. Very few businesses I’ve seen these days run their ads only in the newspaper. Many of them have realized that to be noticed you have to have your message seen on what people today are on- Mobile phones and computers. This has been the major adaption for the 21st century, and without that as number 10 states, you die!

  5. I really enjoyed this post. I found that this was very helpful and could come in handy in the future. I am glad that I read this post.

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