5 thoughts on “Where Ads Started and Now We Block Them

  1. Thank the lord for ad blockers, especially with things such as YouTube videos. I find it crazy that ads pop up based off of what you have previously looked up. Also great job with the colors and display of this!

  2. I think this graphic does a great job at displaying the discord found between the start and the present of advertising. it displays the nice humble beginnings of advertising only to slam the reader with the reality of present day where everything is so chaotic. I absolutely dont like ads, and have ad blocking software, because ads have this adversarial edge to them. even though the first ads flooded the market, it pales in comparison to the current state of things.

  3. Its interesting that something as simple as floating soap was considered enticing back then. Now, companies have to try so much harder to be better than their competition- and there’s a lot more of it. I’m annoyed by constant ads but I haven’t gone through the trouble of installing a blocking software but it doesn’t sound like a bad idea.

  4. It is crazy to see how times have changed with ads. They consume most of what we see. I wonder if they still have the same effect or if it has greatly declined.

  5. This is an interesting poster. Being in IMC, we’ve learned about the history of advertising and how people get immune to ads. Now with the ability to “block” certain ads, it could interfere with our ability to differentiate good brands from bad brands.

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