Nobody Puts OBJ in the Corner

The NFL may already be the center of focus during the Super Bowl, but that doesn’t stop them from joining the competition for the most memorable advertisement of the night.

If don’t watch the Giants play, you may be unaware that Odell Beckham Jr. has become fairly well-known for his touchdown celebrations. See the below highlight reel for reference:

In a commercial with the slogan “To All the Touchdown Celebrations to Come,”  Eli and Odell take on the epic 80’s classic Dirty Dancing. The two tackled the iconic choreography with near perfect accuracy. Although, admittedly, Odell’s moves are a little more polished than Eli’s, but that just adds to the charm of the ad.

The goal of the advertisement is to market for the upcoming season by highlighting the fact that, for most teams, the Super Bowl marks the beginning of a fresh start. For Eli and Odell, that means nailing the perfect touchdown celebration.

The ad is a mix of surprise, nostalgia, and humor, working in unison to secure its spot at the top of the numerous “Best Super Bowl Commercial” lists for weeks to come after the game–that’s free advertising. The cost to run an advertisement during the Super Bowl is worth it if the ad is successful. Not to mention the fact that several of the ads, including this one, go viral online before the game even airs.

How do you think they did?

-Katie Solinski

18 thoughts on “Nobody Puts OBJ in the Corner

  1. I loved this ad, it was my very favorite of all the great ads this year! Not only did the NFL do a great job commemorating the bond that has developed between Eli and OBJ, but it was also refreshing to not necessarily have a certain product shoved in your face. It seemed to me that the NFL was not really even advertising (a smart goal), they were just giving us something to laugh and talk about rather than sell us on the league, and this strategy could influence more people to have positive feelings for professional football.

  2. I think this ad did a great job in general. Many people told me that this commercial was their favorite during the Super Bowl this year too! I think it was able to reach a wide range of demographics. The older generation felt nostalgic because of the Dirty Dancing aspect, but I enjoyed it because I have seen the movie many times as well. It was not the type of ad I was expecting, and definitely caught me by surprise, but it made me laugh. The combination of nostalgia, humor, and surprise really helped it become a memorable ad.

  3. I think this was the best Super Bowl commercial to be aired that night. It was hilarious take on how their touchdown dances that Beckham is known for. There weren’t that many commercials this year that really stuck out to me, but this one definitely caught my attention. It was a good play for the NFL to use the Dirty Dancing soundtrack in order to relate to its audience. My mom even called me to tell me they played that song and how she thought the commercial was cute.

  4. I think the NFL did a great job with this advertisement. They took a timeless and classic piece and mixed it into a commercial to celebrate the upcoming NFL season. The relatability is really what brought so much humor to this piece for me, and I’m sure many more. I feel like this commercial sheds light on the more relaxed and friendly side of the game. We are used to seeing players in a serious manner. This advertisement makes them seem a little more “human” by letting the public see them in a playful setting. It’s nice to know that even the big time players still like to mess around every now at then.

  5. I love the use of NFL Football players to recreate a classic romantic film! Hilarious and adorable as well as creative. The players are relevant within society and it’s intresting to see their appearance in an older film that was also incredibly relevant within the time it was released. Love the layered effect!

  6. I think this was a great ad because it’s a very iconic scene in the movie that almost everyone remembers. I think they brought a lot of humor too commercial and that is what people want to see during the super bowl.

  7. I think OBJ and Manning did great! I read a few articles about that they it took this in only a few takes which is very surprising. I love that everyone is serious and no one breaks character. It gives a fun playful side to the industry that’s been a little under the spotlight.

  8. By far the funniest Super bowl commercial i felt this year. taking on the dirty dancing scene and putting football player who are notoriously “tough” people and making light of the brand. I felt it was very well done and they defiantly caught the audience attention with it using two very recognizable figures in the game today.


  9. I don’t keep up with football, and I’ve never seen Dirty Dancing, but the movie is so culturally ingrained that I would have gotten the reference anyway. Even without knowing that Odell is known for touchdown celebrations, I thought the ad was cute and funny–the insider knowledge would have been an added bonus on an already entertaining, solid ad. Something about the idea of seeing football players doing an iconic dance number is, as you note, surprising and funny. Odell was cast in the role of Jennifer Gray, a typically effeminate role. A lot of the humor here comes from playing with gender roles.

  10. This had to be one of my favorite Super bowl commercials this year. Even though I am not a big fan of football, the way they incorporated dancing and comedy made it likable for every type of demographic. It made the brand more appealing because everyone could enjoy it, not just sports fans.

  11. I’ve always loved this commercial and thought that they do a great job at engaging and catching the attention of the public! The contrast between the older classic ‘Dirty Dancing’ paired with some of the toughest football plays is hilarious!

  12. I definitely think that this was one of the best advertisements of this year. The NFL did a great job grabbing the attention of viewers who’s may not be paying too much attention to the game itself. By using OBJ and Manning in the infamous Dirty Dancing scene, they connected with pretty much everyone. Football fans will be attracted because it features two very well known, talented players and people not typically as interested in the game, like most women, will be attracted to the dancing scene. Most people know what the scene is from but even those that did not, could still find humor in the idea of two big , masculine men doing this choreography.

  13. I actually thought they did a good job with the commercials. It is funny and light hearted and will probably stick with a lot of people. Because it was something from Dirty Dancing it would relate to other people and in that way you would remember it for longer without realizing that it was advertising.

  14. I think that the NFL did an awesome job with this ad. They brought in humor in order to get the audience’s attention. Even if you aren’t a football fan, most people have watched dirty dancing so they can relate to this commercial either way. The NFL got everyone talking about this commercial. It was definitely one of my favorites!

  15. I love how you picked this relation. This is one of the best commercials in my opinion. I find it to be extremely attention grabbing and almost relative to many different people rather than just people who love football. I think you did a great job on analyzing the two different clips. I really enjoyed reading this article!

  16. I thought this commercial was hilarious and I was actually not terribly surprised to see the NFL joining the Super Bowl ad campaigns. Even though the NFL is already the highlighted brand of the Super Bowl, its not surprising that they joined the commercials with this comical because it is yet another way to bring themselves into the spotlight.

  17. I personally thought Manning and OBJ did a overall good job. I liked the positive attitude yet its also serious! Good read!

  18. I love the irony of using masculine NFL football players to portray a soft romantic love scene like this. Almost everyone can say they’ve seen Dirty Dancing, so it gives this classic scene a modern comical twist. With the content being so out of line for their character, this was a great way to catch an audience’s attention and keep them entertained in a short amount of time. Overall, this commercial was funny and one of my favorites from the Super Bowl.

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