Unity, Empowerment and Diversity

Whether you care about what is happening between endzones or not, the commercials during the Super Bowl never fail to keep us entertained. The Super Bowl remains to be one of the most watched programs of the year, year after year. Because of this, time slots for commercials in between the game are incredibly in demand.

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After a one year hiatus, Toyota decided to release three ads for this year’s Super Bowl, more than they have ever created before.

Their first ad was called “Good Odds,” it takes you through the journey of a Canadian Paralympic skier Lauren Woolstencroft from infant to gold medalist. As her life story continues, it shows the perseverance and drive it took for her to become a gold medalist by displaying her odds of becoming an Olympic champion as it gets higher and higher. At the end of the Ad, Toyota presents out their “Start Your Impossible” campaign, showcasing some of their mobility solution products.

Their second ad that aired filled a 60-second spot just before halftime, called “Mobility Anthem.”  The Ad features 100 different people from ages 1-100 encouraging people to “Start Your Impossible.” It encourages viewers to overcome adversity and doubt by aiming high and being your very best. They highlight the thought that “when we’re free to move, anything is possible.” Again, this ad was apart of their “start your impossible” campaign that showcased Toyota’s numerous mobility technologies. I personally found these two ads to be effective because they were attention-grabbing, diverse, and bought to light a line of products that I didn’t know existed.

Finally, Toyota aired their third commercial capitalizing on their long-running slogan “Let’s Go Places.” This ad brought a sense of light-heartedness to Toyota’s brand for the night. It featured several different types of religious leaders all getting together in a Toyota truck coming together to go to a big game. This ad really puts an emphasis on an overlying theme unity and diversity.

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-by Jackie DiGiacomo

37 thoughts on “Unity, Empowerment and Diversity

  1. Jackie, thank you so much for bringing these Toyota commercials into the light. I must say that the first two commercials nearly brought me to tears. These underlying messages of diversity and unity are so needed in our world and I’m grateful that you saw the connections between all three of the Toyota commercials!

  2. This trio of ads was, to me, effective and fun simply because it was just that– a trio. Having a set that feels like it has come full circle makes the company very memorable. The first ad was great, and this isn’t meant to demean it’s value in any way, but there are definitely other brands I have seen make that type of commercial, so if that was left on it’s own, it would just be mediocre in the sense of originality. However, pairing it with the second ad gave it a bigger sense of creativity and furthered the outreach towards other communities. The third as was nicely placed, with the fun, lightheartedness and diversity connecting it all back to the game (even if a lot of viewers probably weren’t watching the Super Bowl for the game!) and the main campaign, which made it have that full circle appeal. The branding effort here was definitely a win for Toyota.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this post and watching the different commercials. I think that Toyota made a big impression with the commercials as they got your attention very easily. I think all three commercials had their own things that made them special, but it was easy to see that they made sure to use all different religions and skin colors, which I thought was great move.

  4. I really enjoyed reading this article. As I was watching the super bowl this year, I noticed more inclusive and diverse ads present in between the game that usually would not be. Many companies try to avoid subjects of inclusivity because of how the ad can be perceived, but like Toyota depicted in their ad, when done right, disabilities can shed light on common ground between all people. It was a very well created ad. Thank you for sharing your review!

  5. It is interesting to see what commercials Toyota put out after not having any last year. I think it is clear by their choice of advertisement content that they are trying to spread a message of unity, diversity, and overcoming adversity. These are very good and attention-catching messages for them to focus on, especially in the current political climate.

  6. After reading your article and re-watching these ads from this year’s Super Bowl, I think Toyota knocked it out of the park with these. Personally, I love the silly and goofy Super Bowl commercials, but the way Toyota presented their advertisements this year was refreshing to see. The ads were very moving and had a sense of hope in all of them which is a great brand image for Toyota to foster and grow into in the future. I usually don’t pay attention to car advertisements and commercials, but I enjoyed these because, like you said, they were attention-grabbing, diverse, and also introduced me to some of their new technology. I really enjoyed reading your article and viewpoint on these Toyota commercials!

  7. I really enjoyed the different ways in which companies took advantage of these commercials to portray and advocate for diversity. Each of the featured commercials did an exceptional job with this, as it was accomplished through different perspectives so they related to various target audiences. In today’s society, it is evident that there are some who still have issues with adapting to and accepting diversity, and these commercials did a great job with reaching to those people.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed Toyota’s new approach in their commercials. Sports is one of the main aspects of our culture that bring unity, and the Super Bowl is a true testament to that. Having commercials that not only promote diversity that went beyond skin color as well as inclusivity during an event that brings unity was a smart marketing tactic by Toyota. I hope to see more ads like this from not only Toyota, but other car companies, retail stores, tech, etc.

  9. I really enjoyed these commercials during the Superbowl. I think it is important to be effective in the time slots that commercials have to air, and I believe that it is refreshing to see a divergence from just the comedy to have commercials that really mean something and speak on messages of unity and diversity. It brings us all back to the reality of life and sort of helps us step away from the selling of just products.

  10. I was a big fan of the “One Team” commercial. The diverse thoughts and religions present reminded me of the wonderful conversations i have had with friends of various faiths. we all saw things differently, but discussing them as peers brought us closer together. as a group we could enjoy more of our time together because our ideas had been challenged, defended, and understood by each other. a mutual understanding goes a long way to forming long lasting bonds. This commercial was highly evocative of that feeling, and I was happy to see that play out on a national level.

  11. I really enjoy watching the commercials during the super bowl along with millions of other Americans. I also find it fascinating to think about certain brands are chosen to be able to have a slot in a commercial break. Like how long is the list for all the brands who want to be featured during the super bowl, and how far in advance to brands have to sign up to be considered? Is it years? Can you “outbid” another company or brand and say your brand or company will pay more if you are chosen over another? Food for thought!

  12. I enjoyed the most of the Super Bowl commercials this year. It’s interesting to see the commercials that Toyota made. The message that they are trying to send this year about their brand works well.

  13. It was great to see the diversity among the commercials this year. With millions of people watching the game and commercials, this is the best place to put these kinds of ads out. They tell a message and create this inspiration within the people that watch them.

  14. I like how Toyota promoted their brand in such a diverse way. Every commercial that was displayed throughout the super bowl commercial portion was very inclusive and made the viewer think.

  15. I definitely noticed a change in the amount of diversity in all of the superbowl commercials that aired this year. One that really stood out to me was the Good Odds commercial with the baby who became an olympist. I think that the exapnsion of diversity could have a positive and negative effect on consumers. The positive being how the brand could be considered inclusive and the negative being why wasn’t the brand inclusive from the beginning.

  16. Toyota did a very moving approach with their commercials. Using a wide range of diversity displayed harmony and it evoked a sense of empowerment that you can do anything you set your mind to. The diversity indicated that no matter what skin tone or religion you associate to, Toyota brings people together. I think all 3 of the ads did an excellent job of appealing to emotion, which is an interesting new approach to car advertisements.

  17. I think this was a very inspirational ad. Toyota did a great job promoting togetherness and empowering the average consumer. The ad focuses on the idea that no matter our backgrounds, we are all unified. This was a bold move for Toyota as many commercials aim to do the same thing and fail, often offend people. This was a very successful advertisement campaign.

  18. I believe this add addresses a lot of problems that we have in this world. We as Americans divide our self’s for no reason. I love this commercial because it shows us a sense of togetherness no matter what culture you are from or what beliefs you have. Great article.

  19. These are no doubt entertaining commercials, they evoke a lot of emotions and capture attention. One thing that shows up for me is that they don’t communicate any information about there product. With their product being so expensive, its hard to measure the commercials effectiveness, because almost no one is going to get up and buy a car because of one commercial. It’s going to take an accumulation of marketing and reputation over a long period of time to get some one to take such action. I do think they are going about it in the correct way though. The are trying to convert rather then sell.

  20. I really enjoyed the super bowl ads this year specifically because they had an overall vibe of diversity and unification of all types of people. Lots of times when it comes to Super Bowl ads we see something that may be sexist, or disrespectful of a race or group of people. Celebrities as well as popular brands have started a trend of trying to bring attention to the discrimination of many different types of people and I think it’s awesome that Toyota took inspiration from this trend and created Ad’s that reflected their views.

  21. I liked this commercial because it displayed diversity with the different races of people all coming together to have a good time. We have a lot of race wars going on in the world it feels like so this commercial is good to try and bring people together more. In the end this was a good commercial because of the reasoning it had behind it and i feel like more should be like this to brighten the world up.

  22. These ads were by far some of the best from this year’s Super Bowl. The ads were heartwarming, funny, and inclusive. The diversity in these ads really did shine through and I believe Toyota accomplished that. I think people could instantly relate to these ads, which is why it is special.

  23. Toyota’s slogan has been a point of translation for some time now, making it an ingenious IMC technique. Obviously, “let’s go places” has a concrete meaning in that their cars take people places. However, their brand is about moving forward in more ways than one. They are building a brand based on being progressive and tenacious. They use examples of an esteemed para-olympian to highlight that their vehicles, like the olympian, never quit when the road gets rocky. All three of these advertisements adhere to the “forward” aspect of Toyota’s brand. Great post!

  24. This commercial is very powerful. Its message is beautiful as it tries to give support to disabled people, or people who are struggling in life in general, it is very motivational in that sense. Toyota’s choice of advertisement is very smart and admirable, focusing on unity, diversity, and overcoming adversity. This is something a lot of people can relate to and it makes it a solid idea. Another factor for success is the fact that they used Lauren Woolstencroft as an example in this advertisement. She is a role model to a lot of people who haven’t had the easiest life, but still overcame their adversity.
    Props to Toyota for shedding some light on people who need it.

  25. I think it’s interesting how a commercial has so much power on their audience with the message they send. In just a few minutes they can send the message of unity and empowerment to their viewers. The message that the commercials send to their viewers has a huge impact on how their
    brand is perceived. We always hear the “Let’s Go Places” when a Toyota commercial is played, but never really think about it. Since Toyota made these more emotionally appealing commercials they are able to capture the attention of the audience and leave that message in the minds of the viewers.

  26. I was particularly moved by the first ad with the Canadian Paralympic skier Lauren Woolstencroft. I think it was a creatively filmed ad that catches viewer’s attention, however I do not think it totally relates to Toyota; it is a bit of a stretch. Despite this, I think it sends a great message to people. I appreciated how they chose to highlight a female paralympic athlete, it was a powerful ad.

  27. I too had no idea that many of these products existed beyond Toyota cars. These three commercials helped fill the perceived mission of the company, to give everyone an equal chance to move, by bringing every aspect of ‘different’ together in unity. Having a personal story of a disability to overcome, to having a culture of disabilities to overcome, to having (religious) differences themselves to overcome-all connect wonderfully to the company’s brand personality that they are trying to advertise about who they are. They wish to bring unity through equal opportunities to move towards it. Nice article!

  28. Toyota was brilliant in the fact that they associated their commercial with everything from the winter games to football, and then had a powerful message as well which promoted unity and motivation to their new line of products. As mentioned before, not doing any commercials last year really gave them the chance to send their message out of the park with a couple motivational commercials. Then, if you can finish it out with a hilarious one about religious people at a football game at the end, as they did, then you’ve got a real chance of reeling in potential clients.

  29. I believe Toyota did great with those three commercials. Stating a new message for your brand such as “When we’re free to move, everything is possible” can be a big and risky change in some cases. However, the two initial ads seemed to be made very meticulously and delivered a simple, yet powerful message, while still advertising their line of products. Lastly, it is great to see Toyota sort of “going back to its roots” with the traditional message “Let’s go places”, but still taking a stance on a public concern, this time, diversity. Again we can see this ad being original but staying truthful to the brand’s original message and culture. Congratulations, Toyota.

  30. The appeal of unity that Toyota portrayed in this advertisement was impeccable. It really helped the target audience feel unity. As the storyline progress you could tell that the friends were different ethnicities and since Toyota’s slogan is “Let’s go places” it fit quite well to its brand. One of the best commercial i have seen without use of influential or known individuals.

  31. I loved all the commercials in this article. I remember watching them on the TV when they played during the Super Bowl and thought they were inspirational. As I was watching I never would have put together that it was in fact a car commercial (except maybe the third one). Toyota is trying to portray an image of diversity and adversity for their brand, which is extremely powerful in today’s society. They were able to grab their audiences attention with something we aren’t that used to and create a meaningful message while also advertising their cars.

  32. Toyota really did a great job creating pieces that were not only attention-grabbers, but also diverse and unique. Their advertisements were designed to lift people up and encourage them to aim high and always do their very best. The message was short and simple, but also very impactful through the stories they chose to tell.

  33. Toyota is a renowned brand that has built up a reputation for quality, dependability, and performance and it’s always very interesting to see how they go about advertising their products. I know they usually take a unique approach when it comes to advertising and are known for their catchy slogans, but these ads were especially different from the expected car commercial. The emphasis Toyota puts on people rather than the cars in the ads shows that they really do care about their customers. The emphasis they put on diversity is another eye catching aspect of the ad, because not many brands go to that extent. However, Toyota’s out of the box thinking is what makes them such a great company and their advertisements are always enjoyable and effective.

  34. After reading this article, I found it very interesting that after going on a year hiatus of no commercials, Toyota decided this year to put out three different ones. Toyota did a good job at representing themselves of unity, diversity, and overcoming advertising. The brand reached all different levels of demographics that everyone could enjoy. Great article, thanks for sharing.

  35. I think it is awesome how brands are starting to portray different messages through their commercials. The message of unity, diversity, and advertising are all things that we deal with each day and it is very relatable for the audience. Also this intrigues emotion in the listener and is a great way to gain attention. I hope brands continue to use this method as it is very enjoyable to watch and teaches valuable lessons to the younger generation.

  36. I did not even notice that Toyota did not have any commercials last year, which makes me wonder what I actually pay attention to. But, I love the overall idea of this commercial dealing with diversity, I think it spreads a good overall message!

  37. I believe that Toyota really was all over the boards with all of these ads. I feel that a couple of them appeal to pathos, trying to make us feel our emotions come out by giving us a story on “odds”, however the other one is more about trying to make us laugh and enjoy ourselves, helping us “relate” to Toyota. They are trying to portray how we can overcome anything, and do a very clever job of branding themselves with “going above and beyond what people think” of us (or their brand).

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