Unity, Empowerment and Diversity

Whether you care about what is happening between endzones or not, the commercials during the Super Bowl never fail to keep us entertained. The Super Bowl remains to be one of the most watched programs of the year, year after year. Because of this, time slots for commercials in between the game are incredibly in demand.

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After a one year hiatus, Toyota decided to release three ads for this year’s Super Bowl, more than they have ever created before.

Their first ad was called “Good Odds,” it takes you through the journey of a Canadian Paralympic skier Lauren Woolstencroft from infant to gold medalist. As her life story continues, it shows the perseverance and drive it took for her to become a gold medalist by displaying her odds of becoming an Olympic champion as it gets higher and higher. At the end of the Ad, Toyota presents out their “Start Your Impossible” campaign, showcasing some of their mobility solution products.

Their second ad that aired filled a 60-second spot just before halftime, called “Mobility Anthem.”  The Ad features 100 different people from ages 1-100 encouraging people to “Start Your Impossible.” It encourages viewers to overcome adversity and doubt by aiming high and being your very best. They highlight the thought that “when we’re free to move, anything is possible.” Again, this ad was apart of their “start your impossible” campaign that showcased Toyota’s numerous mobility technologies. I personally found these two ads to be effective because they were attention-grabbing, diverse, and bought to light a line of products that I didn’t know existed.

Finally, Toyota aired their third commercial capitalizing on their long-running slogan “Let’s Go Places.” This ad brought a sense of light-heartedness to Toyota’s brand for the night. It featured several different types of religious leaders all getting together in a Toyota truck coming together to go to a big game. This ad really puts an emphasis on an overlying theme unity and diversity.

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-by Jackie DiGiacomo