LinkedIn: Why Everyone Should Have One

This week in UNCW’s Communication Studies department, we are counting down the days to Com Studies Day! This Friday we are all given the opportunity as students to not only meet successful alumni, we are given the opportunity to begin to make a name for ourselves in the Wilmington community and surrounding areas. Since we are taught to make the most of our opportunities, it is vital that we make an impression on those that are working in the field that we want to go into. Com Studies Day offers us the ability to network, gain contacts and potential references and increase our understanding of what fields Communication Studies majors can go into.

Now, fast forward to the week after Communication Studies Day. We have met a copiousness of professionals and have seemingly made an impression on a select few; but it seems that you have forgotten to get their cards with their information and didn’t have a resume on hand to give them. That’s where, what should be your new best friend comes into play, LinkedIn. LinkedIn brings us an entire new perspective on social media and allows us to connect with thousands of professionals all across the world. It gives us an easy way to showcase ourselves in the best way possible and make connections with people in different fields that we may be interested in. It is a way to gain references and even start the career you’ve always dreamed of.

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So go ahead, put yourself out there and get on LinkedIn. You never know what it might do for you!

-Sloane, Pauline & Addison