COM Studies Day: Networking

handshake isolated on business background

Every year the Department of Communication Studies showcases the major, alumni, and Communication Studies students during COM Studies Day. On Friday, March 18, 2016 you will have many networking events and situations. Here are a few tips while networking with alumni, Wilmington businesses, and fellow students and professors.

  • Entering a networking event, walk in confidently and with a smile. You want to be aware of your body language- do not fold your arms, this can be perceived as negative. Also, be the first to extend your hand. Columbia University mentions extending your hand first shows eagerness to speak and interact with others.
  • While networking at these events, always be yourself. As stated in Forbes, these events are great jumping-off points for relationship building. Make sure you are being true to yourself and do not try to be the person you think they want to meet. Building relationships are these events are meant to further your career in the future and networking will get you a long way after graduation. You are marketing yourself to business and employees. 
  • During these events, ask questions. While building a relationship with someone, you want to seem interested in what they are saying and doing. In an article from Forbes, the only way to get to know someone is to ask them genuine and thoughtful questions.
  • The most important tip, do not be afraid to hand out your card or resume after making a connection. This shows you are confident in yourself and your achievements.



After the COM Studies Day networking sessions, follow-up with the individuals you met and spoke with. Furthering these network connections will help you in the future with internships and jobs after graduation. Sending an email or LinkedIn connection will show your interest in the individual and/or their business.

Are you going to COM Studies Day this Friday? If you are, make sure to network and gain connections!

-Caitlin R, Megan S, Erin F, & Sarah G