COM Studies Day: Networking

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Every year the Department of Communication Studies showcases the major, alumni, and Communication Studies students during COM Studies Day. On Friday, March 18, 2016 you will have many networking events and situations. Here are a few tips while networking with alumni, Wilmington businesses, and fellow students and professors.

  • Entering a networking event, walk in confidently and with a smile. You want to be aware of your body language- do not fold your arms, this can be perceived as negative. Also, be the first to extend your hand. Columbia University mentions extending your hand first shows eagerness to speak and interact with others.
  • While networking at these events, always be yourself. As stated in Forbes, these events are great jumping-off points for relationship building. Make sure you are being true to yourself and do not try to be the person you think they want to meet. Building relationships are these events are meant to further your career in the future and networking will get you a long way after graduation. You are marketing yourself to business and employees. 
  • During these events, ask questions. While building a relationship with someone, you want to seem interested in what they are saying and doing. In an article from Forbes, the only way to get to know someone is to ask them genuine and thoughtful questions.
  • The most important tip, do not be afraid to hand out your card or resume after making a connection. This shows you are confident in yourself and your achievements.



After the COM Studies Day networking sessions, follow-up with the individuals you met and spoke with. Furthering these network connections will help you in the future with internships and jobs after graduation. Sending an email or LinkedIn connection will show your interest in the individual and/or their business.

Are you going to COM Studies Day this Friday? If you are, make sure to network and gain connections!

-Caitlin R, Megan S, Erin F, & Sarah G

17 thoughts on “COM Studies Day: Networking

  1. I will be attending COM studies day and reading these tips will help me with networking. I am usually a nervous person when it comes to speaking with people I don’t know so I will definitely keep these tips in mind.

  2. Each one of these tips are appropriate for all potential employees. This event is a great way to meet managers and listen to past alumni from UNCW. I cannot wait to attend COM Studies Day and practice networking with people.

    • Hi Paul,
      COM Studies Day is a great way to meet individuals in the COM Department and Wilmington businesses. We are excited you are attending COM Studies Day and you will do great networking at these events.

  3. I will also be attending COM Studies day! I look forward to the networking opportunities, I can tell this will be a great way to make those connections I need further down the road. These tips have made me feel better prepared for this event and now I know what to expect.

  4. COM studies day sounds like a great way to be introduced to the world of Communication. Being able to network with UNCW alumni and local businesses is a great way to learn more about what we can do as undergrads to gain experience and also to learn about what type of opportunities Com majors have right here in Wilmington. These tips are very helpful to prepare students who are new to networking events and pulling tips from articles in Forbes magazine ensures their importance.

    • Hi Clare,

      Thank you for your feedback. We hope you attended COM Studies Day and were able to network and learn from UNCW alumni. It is so important to reach out to others and connect with people because you never know who you might meet! Networking is a huge help when trying to get internships or experience different opportunities. We encourage networking everywhere and anywhere. We are glad these tips were helpful to you and we hope you will use them in the future!

  5. Thank you for leaving a such a useful post on this blog! I wasn’t planning on going to COM Studies day but I think you have just convinced me. Siting Forbes and The University of Colombia enhanced the credibility of the article which made me feel like I was reading something actually worth while and knowledgeable. These are excellent tips that make me feel more comfortable going into a networking situation because I have never experienced an event like this before. The post mentioned tips that I would have never thought of originally, like how important it is to reach out your hand first to shake so that you appear eager and happy to meet them.

    • Hi Catherine,

      That is such great feedback to hear! We are glad you read the article and were open about coming to COM Studies Day. I hope you were able to network at the event and learn from past students. I am glad the tips allowed you to start feeling more comfortable with networking. It can be difficult when you first start networking but I hope these tips allow you to go outside of your comfort zone and network whenever you can.

  6. As someone who has not had the opportunity to attend many networking events, I found this article to be very useful and interesting. I will definitely be using them during com studies day. In these situations I often question how forward I should be in handing out my contact information, but I will definitely approach these situations with more confidence in the future. Hopefully, this tips will help me build new connections for my future.

    • Hey Nicole,

      We appreciate your comment on our tips to help you network. I am glad you were able to learn from this article and feel more confident about giving your contact info while networking. That is a great way for someone to remember you and contact you in the future with opportunities. I hope that COM Studies Day allowed you to network and come in contact with alumni.

  7. I think COM Studies day will be really interesting for students who don’t have any experience with networking yet (like me). Even if I don’t really know what to do there, I’ll probably be able to observe and learn a lot from the upperclassmen and alumni

    • Hi Andrew,

      I appreciate your willingness to attend this event without prior knowledge of networking. It is important to watch and learn from others around you and possibly get out of your comfort zone. It is not an easy task to network but once you start speaking with someone, it might surprise you how easy the conversation flows. I hope you were able to learn from COM Studies Day and maybe even network a little yourself.

  8. I will be attending COM Studies day as well. Coming from a smaller school before this, it is great to see my major putting on networking events. A COM degree is very broad degree and ultimately your success after college will rely heavily on your social skills. My brother is 26 and already a senior account executive at a sports marketing agency. He has told me numerous times that his success was due to hard work first but also his personality and willingness to make connections and ultimately getting people to like him. These tips are good for any professional occasion but also for any social interaction in general. Likability will play a role in your career and the more engaged you seem and the more connections you make the better!

    • Hi Brian,

      Your brother is a smart guy! We hope you learned from the alumni on Friday and were able to network at the event. It is awesome our campus hosts events like this for students. The importance of networking is huge, especially in a broad major like communication studies. We appreciate your feedback and wish you the best of luck with your networking in the future.

  9. I am attending both panels on Friday and before I read this, I sort of thought that we just attend and that’s all. But I’m glad to hear it’s more than that, we get to interact with future employers and alumni that have been in our shoes before. Can’t wait to hear all of their stories and journeys to get where they are now!

    • Hi Faith,

      We are so glad you attended both panels on Friday, I hope you enjoyed them! We appreciate the comment and I hope the event allowed you to learn more about the major and meet with different alumni!

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