3 Things every COM major is tired of hearing.. And how to respond

1. “Sooo what exactly are you studying lol”

A.) This isn’t your parents COM studies. While COM students today spend time studying the classics just like the ancient Greeks, they also study new media, advertising, research methods, video production, among countless other fields that are designed and curated to prepare them for a dynamic job market. A better question would be what AREN’T you studying. COM students are also either double majoring or minoring in some other field of study.

2. “You’re not going to be able to find a job!”

A.) Alright, buckle up while I explain just how wrong you are. First let’s look at the numbers, for UNCW the COM department produces at the same time one of the largest and most employable groups on campus. UNCW COM majors find jobs after graduation on average much faster than almost any other major on campus. And now let’s get into the why. Yes, a COM degree does teach you ‘how to talk’ among other things, but guess what, that’s a pretty important thing. When employers are looking for new hires they rank communication abilities above every other factor. Technical abilities related to the job usually fall near the bottom half of most lists.

So once a COM degree gets you through the interview, then what? The curriculum of the department doesn’t just teach you information, it teaches you how to learn, adapt, and work with others. A COM degree prepares a student to be a helpful and contributing worker in almost any field. After all, 90% of anything you need to know to do a given job you learn after you’re hired. So how prepared do YOU feel?

3. “It’s so eaaassssyyy”

A). I implore you to join me for a week of COM 200. But in all seriousness, the COM curriculum is no joke. What the department lacks in 9pm exams and complex formulas, it makes up for with a mountain of history and practical knowledge and exhaustive semester long group projects. And all along the way there are  classes that will punch you right in the face with rigorous exams and dense specific scientific information. If you think you’re going to skate through a COM degree, you’re gonna have a bad time. There’s a reason why we’re some of the most employable people to graduate UNCW, and it’s not because it’s handed to us.


– Austin, Kaela, and Jonny