Here Comes Everybody. The Digital Age

In his book “Here Comes Everybody” Clay Shirky describes the how the new digital age has changed society.  With everyone using smart phones, people now have the ability to film, take pictures, and quickly upload things to the internet before any government or media outlet has the opportunity to catch the story.

In his book Shirky gives real life examples about how using the power of the internet, the everyday person can create a revolution that hardly anyone can stop. He shows how with everyone having the capability to become their own media outlet, they can quickly gather followers and slowly build a reputation on the web to achieve a large amount of attention.

In IMC it is critical for us to understand the web as a powerful tool. A negative statement by a client could make its way around the world in no time via the internet and social networking sites. Now and in the future it will be more and more important for people in the IMC field to constantly manage the web to learn what the public is saying about their clients. As the internet continues to grow and be more accessible to everyone, the importance of good IMC will continue to grow as well.

– Chad Graves, Ryan Kelley, Katlyn Truss, Maxann Keller, Eric Holtzman