IMC, The Next Generation

IMC is not easy to define.  It is so multi-faceted that it can’t really be summed up in a brief definition.  Even as advanced IMC students who had already taken another class on the subject we had difficulties articulating everything that IMC contains on the first day of class.  Lucky for us we embarked on the first of four reading assignments for the semester, IMC, The Next Generation: 5 Steps for Delivering Value and Measuring Financial Returns.

This book, written by Don and Heidi Schultz, helps one to understand everything that IMC is and gives the reader a clear understanding of the industry’s practices today.  IMC, the Next Generation is the follow-up to Don Schultz’s 1993 book Integrated Marketing Communication that first introduced the concept to professionals. Although it is not the most thrilling of the books that we have read over the past semester, it certainly provided us with a solid IMC base that we have applied to many different projects and topics.

IMC, the Next Generation is a quintessential read for anyone in the fields of public relations, marketing, or advertising.  Schultz makes the concepts of IMC understandable and provides readers with great insight into the practice that has revolutionized how brands and campaigns are marketed to publics.

One thought on “IMC, The Next Generation

  1. As I was writing a blog post tonight, I was having a difficult time weaving the definition of IMC into the point I was stating. I agree that this multi-faceted concept is difficult to grasp. While I understand the subsets within the study, putting a definition to it all becomes rather difficult. This book seems like a helpful outline of the subject matter and will be something worth reading in the furthering of this class. Thank you for bringing this book to attention. It is my hope that the 5 steps will give me a greater understanding of IMC.

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