Branded Nation

James Twitchell explains in Branded Nation that “a brand becomes not just what we think about an object, but how we think about it.” Branding has become so successful that even institutions we would not think of have fallen into the branded nation.

In Branded Nation, Twitchell goes deep into the institutions of religion, higher education, and art in our society. Twitchell compares megachurches to shopping malls and how museums have turned into an institution that will do anything such as motorcycle exhibits and have restaurants to increase revenue.

The most intriguing section in Branded Nation is when Twitchell talks about university and college branding. As students studying in a university, Twitchell makes an important point. Colleges and Universities have accepted branding ever since they have become more alike. It is now a competition and The U.S. News & World Report proves it. Twitchell uses the example of Harvard and how it is all about who has “the best students, the most money, and the deepest faith in the brand.”

Interestingly enough, Twitchell doesn’t find branding bad. Knowledge and belief will spread if we all become aware of branding and that in it’s self will create a community along with social capital. Branding Nation is a perfect example of why things work the way they do and with Twitchell’s example’s we see how effective/ineffective brands really are.

-Micaela Fouhy, Brie Golden, Will Cosden, Lindsey Baggett, Andrew Mayer