Mary McArthur

Mary McArthur is from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is a senior at the University of North Carolina Wilmington majoring in Communication Studies with a focus on Integrated Marketing Communications. She transferred from College of Charleston in fall 2019 during her sophomore year. Mary is also an active member in the sorority, Phi Mu. She served as Panhenellic Chair from January 2020 to December 2021 where she assisted the panhellenic delegate. Her role was to attend the weekly panhellenic meetings with every sorority and provide information to the rest of the members in Phi Mu. This improved Mary’s professional life by helping her learn time management as well as how important it is to communicate with your employees, or in her case, sorority sisters. 

When Mary came to college she was not sure what she wanted to do with her professional career. However, her sophomore year she took an introduction to integrated marketing communications class. She took this class during Spring 2020, so she could not complete the class in person. However, she was able to complete a project about how North Carolina State University can improve their social media for potential students to find information more easily. This project helped Mary realize that she now wants to work with different brands and help them improve their social media and their brand name. Mary has completed the Hootsuite Platform Training to further social media management learning. She also practices communicating with different types of people at the restaurant she works at.With an extensive knowledge of brand management and how to successfully create a positive brand, Mary hopes to have a career in public relations. Mary is a very persistent and a hard working individual. Through her knowledge of communication and branding and using four pillars that are very important to her, she will succeed.These four pillars are: 1. To make a difference and give back to people.  2. To be involved in the community, 3. To use my best skills which are being creative and talking to people, and 4. To build connections.