Binge Worthy TV Shows

Everyone enjoys a good TV show to get sucked in to time to time. Well lucky you, this month we have the new seasons of The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, Shameless, and more!

walking dead.jpg

AMC’s zombie apocalypse The Walking Dead has tried their best to not let out any imperative details about the new season. Fans love trailers, but no one wants to spoil the excitement for what is to come. They have found that the best way to release trailers and entice viewers, is to not let out any frivolous details but instead, sell the show as a character drama and show the journey of the characters and how far they have come. Looking into the new season, the marketing team wants fans to remember the past and the journey of the characters and not give away who is still alive and who has been zombified!

stranger things

The rave about Stranger Things has been non-stop! Due to the consumer-to-consumer marketing, Stranger Things has cleared Orange is The New Black and is now the most popular digital original series on Netflix. Their marketing team incorporated the use of Twitch which allowed users to interact with the show and give their feedback, even explore the first floor and basement of the ever popular TV show.

What is YOUR favorite TV show?