Good Ole Black Friday

Tis the season of bamboozling!November has just begun and already my job has dedicated every other song to the holidays.

You've Been Bamboozled! - Imgur

Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened (I don’t think people are really planning for it yet, either) and corporate minds are already trying to get you to shop for Christmas.

Thanksgiving used to be a couple of days for family and eating and stores would open around 3am for Black Friday. Now, people are eating DINNER at 2 or 3 pm to make sure they’re first in line at Wal-Mart when it opens at 5 pm.

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Black Friday spending has steadily increased over the years and will probably continue to increase. Surprisingly, I read that Black Friday deals really aren’t that big of deals anyway (of course there are those mega deals), but advertising and marketing lead people to believe that in order to have the exclusives, you need to skip out on family time and wait in line.


Cyber Monday is really where it’s at. Even if you do decide to shop in stores, haggling is your best friend. You really don’t need to pay that much attention to notice that all the stores have basically the same sales. A lot of “Buy 2, get 2 free” type of things or “46% off!!” If you walk into a store and let them know that you can get this same product for cheaper next door, chances are they’ll lower their price for you and sometimes you’ll end up saving more.

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All in all, it’s important to realize that advertisement are marketing are driving people away from what really matters, family, to material things. I don’t think Thanksgiving is going to be like it used to be anymore but I think we can all take time to appreciate the non-material things we have.


Izchel Padilla