Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend The NC State Fair


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Imagine how different the 2017 North Carolina State Fair will be from the first one 150 years ago. Each year they come up with new attractions to keep the North Carolinians coming back for more! This year there are five big updates that will get you excited for this year’s State Fair.

  1. Ostrich Guy

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How many of you thought it was a real ostrich for approximately 15 seconds?– Just me? Okay, good. Now, apparently this guy will be on the loose near Gate 11, so look out for a very well-crafted ostrich costume.

2. New FOOD

As if there wasn’t enough crazy fair food, this year they decided to step it up a notch. Here are some new menu items you should definitely check out.


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The roasted hot corn on the cob rolled in mayonnaise and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos from Douglas Farm will be this year’s hot commodity.


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This new item is a Deep Fried Pumpkin Pie, it is served warm with a scoop of cinnamon vanilla ice cream. Looks like it could satisfy the fall pumpkin cravings and the traditional state fair fried food craving!


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This is everything you’ve ever wanted for breakfast! Its called the B.A.D Chix Hot Chix Hot Cakes & Chicken. Its made of, Eggs, bacon, cheese and syrup drizzle layered on top of a crispy chicken strip, nestled in a hotcake. YUM!


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These Wicked Wafflewich Sliders Chicken-N-Que are made up of Chicken BBQ drenched with spicy buffalo sauce sandwiched between two warm, crisp waffle edges and topped with coleslaw and bleu cheese crumbles. Now that is what innovation looks like!

3. New Rides

This year there are a couple new rides that we haven’t seen before!


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The Air Raid looks like so much fun and is eight tickets to ride!


F5- Photo Courtesy of

This ride is called the F5 and looks like a swinging pendulum type ride, only five tickets to ride!

4. Unlimited Ride Wristbands


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This year there are unlimited ride wristbands!!

According to the NC State Fair website, they are “$25 online only from August 1 – October 12 at 11:59 p.m. Each wristband will be good for one day only and will be redeemed at the N.C. State Fair Ride Redemption Tents. Wristbands may be purchased at the advance rate ONLINE ONLY. Once the Fair starts, wristbands will be available both online and at the midway ticket booths. $35 online once the Fair begins, or purchased at a midway ticket booth.”

5. New Exhibits


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If you are 21 and over, there is a first time ever opportunity! Our State Public House will offer flights of beer and wine to sample for the first time in NC State Fair history.

According to the NC State Fair website, “Patrons of the Our State Public House will be able to choose from wine or beer. Each wine or beer tasting flight will contain four different samples. Wine samples will be 1½ ounces each, and each beer sample will be 4 ounces. Tickets cost $10 each and will be sold from noon to 8:30 p.m. There is a limit of one ticket per person. IDs will be checked at the door, and no one under 21 will be admitted.”

Overall, it looks like there is something new for everyone this year whether you love fried food or crazy rides! Head on over to the NC state fair this weekend!

-Jenna Curran-

21 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons You Should Attend The NC State Fair

  1. Coming from someone who has never been to the NC State Fair, this blog post really does make me want to attend. Great job on providing exciting information that targets people who have never been, and people who have been every year (by providing what’s new at the fair this year). Also, you did a great job trying to include some activity/event for every age demographic. Great blog post!

    • Glad you liked this one as much as me! you should definitely attend there is no advertisement that can do all that food and fun justice on a nice sunny day!

  2. I loved this post! It was so interesting and entertaining. I have never attended the state fair, but this sure does make me want to! This post was a great balance of being informative with its information, funny/entertaining, and visual with its pictures! I sure hope I can attend the state fair!

  3. When this webpage first loaded, this State Fair post was the first thing that I saw and I became so excited! Two years ago was my first time at the N.C. State Fair and it was an amazing experience. All of the events and rides are pretty fun (I will never EVER forget the pig and duck races). Oh yeah, did I mention the FOOD!? To say the least, I am pretty stoked.

  4. Hi Jenna! I’ve attended the fair before, so I love that you highlighted some new things that’ll be there this year. I’ve never tried any of that food before and that deep fried pumpkin pie is calling my name. Plus, beer and wine tastings??? I want to go tomorrow!

  5. Okay this made me want to go to the State Fair SO bad. I have not been before so the information was so exciting and informative! The small pictures were perfect (especially the food), and I think this post is relevant to people of all ages and all different types of people! Great job on the amount of info, not too long or short! I’m definitely going to try to attend the State Fair this year. Great job!

  6. This post made me hungry! But coming from someone that has never attended the state fair, this made me want to go this year. The use of pictures really helped me visualize the fair and get me more excited. The captions were kept light but still included enough information to make it informative. You did a great job at selling the idea of attending the state fair and I now hope I can make it this year (I never knew I needed to try a deep-fried pumpkin pie until today)!

  7. This is a great post! The use of images and pictures of the fair is a great way to give the audience an inside look of what they are going to see at the fair. I liked how you showed not just one, but a variety of food and rides. There was also a great incorporation of humor as well as informing upcoming activities that will be available. The post did a good job of representing options for food and rides for the kids, as well as alcohol for the adults.

  8. I love this! I have never actually been to the state fair but I was just talking about getting a group together to go this year! I love how you incorporated pictures in your post; they were very eye catching and drew in my attention. I like how you talked about what is new at the fair this year to pull in readers who have been before as well as those who haven’t! Very informative but entertaining! This post made me even more excited for the fair!

  9. I can honestly say as a huge fan of fair food adding beer samples from NC breweries is a huge plus. Our been industry is one of the best kept secrets on the east coast and the state fair is a perfect opportunity to share that secret.

  10. I have never attended the state fair, but I have always wanted to. This post especially made me want to attend. I like how you included an outline of the top 5 reasons. It made in an exciting read. Although it is a 2 hours drive, I think it is worth it for the experience.

  11. Your points are backed by so much evidence and it makes for such a strong article! As someone who has grown up going to the state fair you would think I would get bored of the same old, same old, but your blog tells me differently. You’re educating me on all the new additions to the state fair that will be seen this year, which compels me to go even more now. As someone having a best friend from Maine, who has never been to a southern state fair, I read this to her and could literally see the excitement in her eyes as I introduced all of the new additions to her. This post has fully convinced me and my best friend to attend this year! Great job!

  12. This post makes me want to attend the NC Fair. I’ve never been but this makes it look like it would be worth it. I loved how you included photos along with prices/ how many tickets the rides were, just for the fact I like to know and prepare properly. Hoping I will be able to make it there this year.

  13. Nice post! You had me at food and beer. I have actually never been to the NC State Fair but with the new rides and beer flights it sounds like its about time I make a trip!. Hopefully there won’t be too many people getting too intoxicated this year so they keep on doing it.

  14. Love the state Fair! i have been several times and thought this post was extremely informative and effective in promoting people to attend! great visual aspect and props to the photographer!

  15. Wonderful post! I went to the state fair years ago and thought I had gotten my fill, but clearly not! They are getting so creative with the carnival food!! Thank you for including the photos because that B.A.D Chix Hotcakes wonder I couldn’t have imagined. Most important information though, the beer and wine sampling! I will definitely be attending this year. This post covered all the bases and was very thorough. Rock on NC State Fair!

  16. This post definitely made me want to go to the state fair! I am from Delaware and have been to our state fair before but never North Carolina’s. I thought you did a great job talking about activities for every age such as the rides for younger kids, food for everyone, and for older people the fact that there will be beer and wine tasting for the first time ever. Also, it was really helpful that you mentioned the unlimited ride wristbands will be less expensive if purchased before the fair starts! It would have been nice for you to say when the fair starts and ends but either way it made me look further into the Fair’s website. Thanks for the awesome post!

  17. I found this article very intersting and informative. The pictures caused me to feel engaged, as I am a visual learner. It also helped me that the article broke it down into five reasons!

  18. I loved how much information is on this post. I have never personally attended the State Fair but after reading this blog I plan on attending it this year. The pictures grabbed my attention but the information is very useful.

  19. I have never been to the NC State Fair but I would like to.The foods that you talked about that are at the fair was wild and I would like to try to some different foods. The rides also seemed very fun and sound like rides I would enjoy. I like how you also posted that you can purchase the unlimited wristband online. Which isn’t a bad deal for unlimited rides at the fair.

  20. It’s sad I’ve lived in N.C. my whole life and I have yet to visit the state fair. Nothing like eating a big funnel cake and then spinning around on a ride until almost puking. It definitely looks fun from your article and the price isn’t too bad for unlimited rides…maybe I’ll check it out.

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