New Season, New Seasons

Now that it’s October, we can all agree it’s officially fall (even though it may not feel like it yet). Fall is a very exciting time of year! For many, it means the return of the pumpkin spice latte. For others, it provides a chance to bundle up in sweaters (but not in Wilmington, NC, folks!). Holiday season is right around the corner, and companies are beginning to put out decorations. Television becomes more exciting as well, with new shows and new seasons of our old favorites coming back on the air.

Many long-awaited favorites are coming back to TV and to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. One eagerly anticipated show to return is Stranger Things. The first season was a huge success last year, and the second is planned to arrive on Netflix October 27.


During the Super Bowl, Eggo partnered with Netflix to market the second season of Stranger Things. Viewers watched an old commercial for Eggos and were then interrupted by a commercial for the upcoming season. The reactions the ad received were all positive, and Eggo couldn’t resist getting in on the Twitter replies.

Another much anticipated show for the fall was American Horror Story: Cult. This series, now well into its 7th season on FX, has a mass following and sure knows how to hype up a crowd. As many details as possible are held from the public until the release date of the show. Intriguing images are released to get people talking about what this season could entail.

Concern about the photos released for Cult flooded the internet. Did the creators of the show finally take it too far? These images were upsetting to some people with trypophobia, the fear of holes. People took to Twitter to complain about the ads that were being posted.

There were many complaints and negativity surrounding the ads, but from a marketing perspective, this campaign was pure gold. People were talking about it nonstop, sharing their images, and getting the word out about the upcoming season (and all for free!).

Whether you watch AHS and Stranger Things or not, this is the season of new TV releases, and there will be something for everyone! Keep an eye out for your favorite show to make its way back to television!


-Lauren Arsena