She’s a Goal Digger


Now that a mere twelve days stand between me and graduation, I can’t help but think back on my experiences here at UNCW and it is a bittersweet feeling.

I remember sitting in the auditorium at my high school graduation and thinking, “Wow. This is it. This is the last time I will be here in this school as a student with all of these people.” Now that I am about to graduate college, this past semester I have found myself taking in every long trek down Chancellors, long line at Port City even though I used Tapingo, and actually find the sound of longboards going across the bridge kind of soothing.

When I first applied to UNCW I had my mind set on finishing my undergrad in biology and going to veterinary school. Needless to say…that plan didn’t happen quite as expected. I found myself struggling in school like never before and just couldn’t seem to pull myself out of the deep, dark pit my GPA had yanked me into. After a lot of soul-searching, goal reevaluating and restless nights, I decided to switch my major to Communication Studies.

Even though this path was not my initial goal, I am so happy I did it. I’ve met some of the greatest people in this major and have created lifelong friendships.


This entire undergrad journey has been a 3.5 year-long soul-search, honestly. You learn more about yourself every day, as cliche as that sounds, and get to create yourself. These past few years have definitely had their ups and downs but as I sit here writing this blog, tears in my eyes, one of my dogs on either side of me, and preparing for my first day at my first full-time job in a few days, I can honestly say UNCW has been overwhelmingly good to me and I am forever grateful.

For those of you in a rush to graduate, SLOW DOWN! There were moments when I felt like college would never end, but now I find myself envying the lost freshmen decked out in their UNCW gear simply because I know the journey they have to look forward to.

Forever yours,
Breanna Tenda