She’s a Goal Digger


Now that a mere twelve days stand between me and graduation, I can’t help but think back on my experiences here at UNCW and it is a bittersweet feeling.

I remember sitting in the auditorium at my high school graduation and thinking, “Wow. This is it. This is the last time I will be here in this school as a student with all of these people.” Now that I am about to graduate college, this past semester I have found myself taking in every long trek down Chancellors, long line at Port City even though I used Tapingo, and actually find the sound of longboards going across the bridge kind of soothing.

When I first applied to UNCW I had my mind set on finishing my undergrad in biology and going to veterinary school. Needless to say…that plan didn’t happen quite as expected. I found myself struggling in school like never before and just couldn’t seem to pull myself out of the deep, dark pit my GPA had yanked me into. After a lot of soul-searching, goal reevaluating and restless nights, I decided to switch my major to Communication Studies.

Even though this path was not my initial goal, I am so happy I did it. I’ve met some of the greatest people in this major and have created lifelong friendships.


This entire undergrad journey has been a 3.5 year-long soul-search, honestly. You learn more about yourself every day, as cliche as that sounds, and get to create yourself. These past few years have definitely had their ups and downs but as I sit here writing this blog, tears in my eyes, one of my dogs on either side of me, and preparing for my first day at my first full-time job in a few days, I can honestly say UNCW has been overwhelmingly good to me and I am forever grateful.

For those of you in a rush to graduate, SLOW DOWN! There were moments when I felt like college would never end, but now I find myself envying the lost freshmen decked out in their UNCW gear simply because I know the journey they have to look forward to.

Forever yours,
Breanna Tenda

11 thoughts on “She’s a Goal Digger

  1. Breanna, I really enjoyed this post. First off congratulations on graduating and starting a new chapter of your life. As I was able to relate so easily to your post because I will be graduating in the summer. It’s crazy how fast time goes by. I also wish I could be that lost freshman looking for a tour guide. Good luck with this upcoming journey.

  2. I really appreciated this post and it made me feel at ease about my journey knowing that others have been in the same situations. I also changed my major, was starting to feel rushed to graduate, and soul searching through my college process. Congratulations and good luck with everything!

    • Thank you! It seems lot a lot of people feel like they’ll be behind forever when they switch their major. Even if it takes an extra semester or two..or three, when you find something you really care about it is worth it in the end.

  3. Breanna, our college trajectories seem to be very similar. While you struggled through biology, I was losing a battle with an Econ degree. I have one more semester here, and I’m already experiencing a lot of the same emotions that you are. Going into the real world is a scary concept, even if you know that it’s the right time to do it. I’m glad that you found the right path in communication studies, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

    • Thank you! College is definitely much more fun now that I feel like I actually know what I’m doing instead of studying for hours on end to still make mediocre grades. I’m glad you found your way to COM and I hope you enjoy your last semester!

  4. I very much enjoyed reading this! As a junior who is supposed to be a senior who is probably about to have to change her major, it’s comforting to hear a story such as yours. What with your struggle at the beginning, it is comforting to know that you still got through it and are about to graduate! I look forward to that day myself but I know that I will also miss UNCW so much. I know I am definitely rushing it but I can’t help it! I’m so ready to not have to do homework anymore! Haha! Thanks for your wonderful blog post!

    • When I was going through my major change I felt like I was the only person who was lost with their academic goals after starting college. Being open to talking about “failure” only opens more doors for opportunity! You never know who can relate to your story. Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. I loved reading this post so much! Life happens so fast so its important to enjoy the important while you can but everything happens when its meant to. Be excited to graduate and all the things that are coming your way, the future should be something you fear but rather embrace. Good things are yet to come!

  6. Congratulations on graduating! Reading the second to last paragraph of your post really resonated with me because I just filled out the form to graduate. There were questions about UNCW and whether I was happy with my experience here, with my teachers, classes, etc. I have had a really hard time here, but I don’t think that it has much to do with the university itself as it does me as a person. I have personal issues I have been struggling with for years. I struggled at East Carolina University, and when I transferred here I thought my problems would go away but they didn’t. I am a COM major, but I honestly have no idea what I want to do when I graduate. I hope I can look back on my journey here and appreciate it like you have.

  7. You have had an great and awesome journey in college to find out who you are and wanna be. Can not wait to see what the future holds for you.

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