Google Takes Over Mobile Advertising with Admob

The online advertising market is growing but not only when it comes to computers. Facebook is no longer the only company with mobile ad news.  Google recently launched a new system for advertising within mobile cell phones and smart phones, “AdMob: solutions for mobile advertising and the monetization of the most recognized and reliable name in the field of mobile advertising, also known as Google”.

This new system presents solutions for advertisers who want to promote their brand and acquire new customers by advertising on mobile phones, solutions for agencies that want to expand their advertising campaigns to mobile platforms, and solutions for application developers who want to add Admob as a platform for distribution and monetization. The AdMob-AdWords integration also makes it easier for small and medium sized businesses to spend on Google mobile ads.


Admob uses an advanced algorithm of ad selection that allows businesses to contextualize and optimize advertising revenues (similar to Google AdSense). Inserting ads is very easy and can be done without a WordPress plugin, which is usually used to create a mobile version of the site. All a business has to do is simply enter the code in the website page that is generated with Admob to automatically fill in the “banner” advertising within the site.

“This is about enabling scale for industry,” said a rep for the company. “Anybody that’s buying performance media through AdWords can now very easily add mobile display to campaigns. We have a lot of customers that buy search and desktop display through one interface. Now they’re adding mobile display to that.”


As Google grows stronger in the field of mobile advertising, they are claiming their spot in this fast growing sector. In fact, connecting ad platforms has been a focal point for Google this year, as they are enhancing their mobile ad targeting capabilities.

Admob is a tool that should not be underestimated. In fact, the company’s mobile display ads appear in more than 300,000 apps on phones, establishing themselves as the world biggest mobile advertising company. I think this is a smart move for Google as it seems that everyone in this world now uses smartphones on a daily basis. Companies can easily target consumers at any time of the day because our phones are always with us. Furthermore, brands can stay at top-of-mind awareness because consumers can see their advertisements whenever they use an app. By offering this advanced mobile advertising technology, Google is maintaining their spot as a major technological powerhouse, and helping clients meet their advertising needs.

Sasha De Vecchi & Julia Tompkins