Lauren Wessell

Helping you visually grow your brand.

Lauren Wessell is a senior communication studies major at The University of North Carolina Wilmington, graduating in Fall 2021. She is reliable, easy-going, and creative, perfectly capturing the personality of an Enneagram type 9. Lauren grew up in a small town in North Carolina and plans to move to Charleston, South Carolina after graduation. A few things about her: she loves coffee and her addiction only grew after working as a Starbucks barista. She owns well over 20 plants and the collection keeps growing. She received a camera for high school graduation and photography and videography have been one of her biggest hobbies and passions since. One day, she hopes to cross “visit all the national parks” off her bucket list!

During Lauren’s years at UNCW, she worked at The Seahawk as the social media manager and the managing editor. In those roles, she was tasked with rebranding the student newspaper and communicating with the student body. Lauren also worked for the Association of Campus Entertainment as a photography coordinator, capturing events for social media use. On top of these two commitments, Lauren has taken interactive courses to grow her marketing and video producing/ editing skills.

As an aspiring freelancer focusing on photo and video creation for local small businesses, Lauren is here to help you elevate your brand. Photos and videos are your client’s first impression of your business, so make it a good one! Lauren loves building communities and connecting with people, “helping you visually grow your brand. ”