How All-Natural Brands are Succeeding in the Marketing World

All-natural/organic products are quickly making an appearance and dominating the shelves in many convenience stores. With millennials having a rise in interest and promoting a healthy lifestyle, it can be challenging for companies to devise  marketing strategies to keep their products afloat. Obviously, the demand is high for all-natural products, even despite the potential cost difference of other non-natural products. Here is how organic companies are marketing themselves to stay competitive:

1.They market through story-telling

Have you ever been attracted to a certain product or brand through the story it tells? This a common theme among brands in the organic market. Through story-telling, brands are able to connect with potential buyers and create a lasting bond. This technique often creates customer loyalty. For example, Dr.Bronner’s soap company has been around since 1948 and advocates “that we must realize our unity across religious & ethnic divides or perish: “We are All-One or None!” Still family-owned and run, Dr. Bronner’s honors its founder’s vision by continuing to make socially & environmentally responsible products of the highest quality, and by dedicating our profits to help make a better world”. The brand speaks on doing what is right and relays their story of the company in hopes to connect with their audience. Dr.Bronner’s is now a well-known all-natural soap that many use today. Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 11.22.19 AM

2. They Keep it Simple

Organic products usually include very simple ingredients, therefore, brands tend to keep their campaigning very minimal. All-natural brands know that potential buyers may not know what “organic” or “all-natural” even means, and utilize basic words that are universal to everyone so that the meaning of the ingredients are easily understood. Keeping packaging and messages simple, help brands to better reach a wide variety of people across the world.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 11.52.50 AM

3.They find an influencer

Brands who find an influencer, increase word-of-mouth for their products. YouTube celebrities have been found to be effective marketers towards millenials and increase traffic for certain all-natural brands. Brands have to strategically think who would be a perfect candidate to endorse their products. For example, Ingrid Nilson, a famous YouTtuber, partners with brands all the time and endorses products she loves. She is known for a minimal lifestyle and using all-natural, GMO-free, and cruelty free products. Brands must be aware of who is endorsing their products and know that they truly value what the brand stands for.

Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 11.59.52 AM.png

4. They Utilize Social Media

Many of the well-known natural brands know the importance of social media now-a-days and are sure to make and appearance. They know that consistently posting on social media spreads awareness of the brand and the benefits its all-natural ingredients have on one’s health. Brands like Tom’s of Maine, interact with their audience daily and are able to directly answer individual questions as well as generate a sense of community.

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Overall, all-natural brands are killing it when it comes to marketing. They are creatively getting their message across while still educating their audience of the wonderful benefits using organic/all-natural products offer. Next time you are in the store, pay attention to the marketing tactics these brands are using.

-Tally Pavel