An Extra Semester Never Hurt…

It is hard to believe that in just 18 short days, I will walk across the stage in Trask and become a college graduate. Though my journey did not start off at UNCW, I am very thankful my collegiate career ended here. Most transfers come with a unique story regarding their arrival to a new college, I am happy to say I was one of those transfers. The past two years have made a significant mark on my life and have prepared me for my future endeavors; I am pleased to say that I will be a graduate of the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

If you had asked me four (and a half, #5thyear) years ago if I would be a UNCW graduate, chances are I probably would have told you no. Growing up in a small town, I thought I wanted to live the glamorous city life. However, after two years in Charlotte, NC, those city lights stopped being so inspiring, and I was ready for a change. Moving to Wilmington, NC has been by far one of the most rewarding decisions of my life. UNCW could not have been a better fit for me. I have made lifelong friendships, created lasting memories and found a field that brings excitement and joy to my life as I embark into this next chapter.


As a transfer you have the distinct opportunity to be able to compare one experience to another, this is something that not all students are capable of doing. This ability enabled me to fully appreciate my time here at UNCW and just how exceptional the Communication Studies department is and the numerous doors this major has opened for me; more specifically, a great internship opportunity in the heart of downtown Wilmington at Bon’s Eye Marketing Firm. I have focused much of my coursework in Public Relations and Integrated Marketing Communication studies. As I go forth into the “real” world, I hope to pursue a job in one of those fields.

While the idea of graduating is exciting, it is sad to see this chapter of my life come to an end. It has been by far, some of the best years and I never knew that four years could fly by so quickly. Though, I am nervous to see what the next chapter holds, I feel confident that my time here at UNCW has fully prepared me for my future and what lies ahead for my professional career.


-Mary Carney



7 thoughts on “An Extra Semester Never Hurt…

  1. First, congrats to you on your upcoming graduation! Although more and more students are attending college nowadays, it is still something to celebrate. Of course, there is a stigma associated with those students that take longer than 4 years to graduate. Some say they fooled around, didn’t try, etc. Other times, it is because of transferring, changing of your major, etc. I see nothing wrong with the fact that it took an extra semester to graduate… At least you made it to the finish line!

  2. I just transferred to UNCW this semester. I also find myself making quite a few comparisons about my old school and UNCW. I definitely feel like I made the right decision just as you say you did. Being a transfer leads to some different school requirements. I will most likely be here for an extra semester too. Hearing someone else put a positive spin on it and knowing that I have not and will not be the only one to do so makes me feel a lot better about that possibility.

  3. Hey Mary, I feel you! I too will have just an extra semester under my belt by the time graduation rolls around next summer. But thankfully, you and I made a great choice by transferring to UNCW. I actually did a marketing internship when I was abroad in Swansea, Wales and I’d love to hear more about your experience with Bon’s Eye. Congrats on graduating, I wish you well in the future!

  4. I transferred to UNCW my sophomore year from a school in New York and i also know what you’re saying when it is not so often a student can compare schools and i feel fortunate for the fact that i can do that. I grew up in small town and when i went away for my first year of college looking for the “big and bright lights,” i found myself missing the simple and beautiful things NC had to offer. When i came to Wilmington, i fell in love with the school and town and now i am more thankful and happy than ever with all of the world of opportunities in front of me.

  5. I completely relate to how being able to compare colleges is somewhat rare for students because many stay the entire 4 years at one school. I feel fortunate enough to be able to appreciate the little things about Wilmington because i transferred from a school in New York my sophomore year. I left NC for bigger and brighter lights and found myself missing the simple and beautiful things this state (and Wilmington) have to offer.

  6. Too bad I’m actually taking a semester off my original graduation date! But I am on the same boat as you (small town girly moving to big city). I, just like you, enjoyed and was mesmerized by all the city opportunities that a small town didn’t offer. Seeing all these blogs about graduating, makes it more real that I have only a couple semesters left myself and I need to get a move on things in figuring out what I need to be doing and where after graduation!

  7. Congrats on graduating! It is amazing to me that so many students that attend UNCW are transfers from other colleges. I am a transfer myself and can honestly say that I have finally found home after 5 other colleges. This is my first year in communication studies department and I have jumped in with both feet. Just as you have said communication studies has been further than any expectation that I could have had. Good luck on the rest of your life!

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