NFL Says No More

After a tough couple months for the NFL with scandals like that involving Ray Rice, the organization took the opportunity of their biggest game of the year to attempt to rebuild their image. They did this by partnering with the anti-domestic violence campaign “No More” to create an emotionally charge advertisement about the issue.

The commercial shows a house that has been torn apart partnered with audio from real 911 calls from women who was a victim of domestic violence. She is forced to pretend like she is ordering a pizza in order to not cause suspicion from her abuser, as he is in the house. The chilling ad makes the viewer think about the challenges of victims of domestic abuse.

The NFL is implementing a new personal conduct policy that all NFL employees and athletes must abide by. The new policy includes “a more extensive list of prohibited conduct, independent investigative procedures, and specific criteria on paid leave for an individual charged with a violent crime.” There will also be a “6 game suspension involving violent conduct, including domestic violence and sexual assault.” By implementing these new policies the NFL hopes to see a change in violence and raise awareness through the No More campaign.

The NFL has been criticized for being reactive instead of proactive. Is the NFL’s image too late to fix or are you “up to listen?”

-Nick Bolick, Olivia Sadler, Patrick Wagner

One thought on “NFL Says No More

  1. I thought this commercial does an excellent job at getting across it’s message about domestic violence and I also think that it was a smart thing for the NFL to team up with, especially because of all the attention it has been getting due to domestic violence issues. I think it is very important that the NFL proves a point that despite the fact that they have teams of famous NFL players that domestic violence isn’t okay and that they aren’t just going to sit back and take it lightly. I do somewhat feel that they have been reactive instead of proactive and that yes, they made of showed up late in the game but sometimes it is better late then never and I feel like that applies to this situation. The NFL is making a move towards recovering their image and I think that a commercial like this will help them but they can’t just stop here.

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