Career Center Helps Students Get Hired

Graduation is fast approaching for college seniors, which means one thing –it’s time to find a full-time job. Transitioning into the real world and a new career can be a daunting task for soon-to-be graduates. Thankfully, the Career Center on campus assists these students worried about their future careers and helps them develop a strategy to find employment. The Career Center helps empower students and give them all the resources necessary to become successful after graduation and develop their career. This instrumental resource can be utilized by all students for a variety of purposes such as selecting a major, assistance in writing a resume, and even finding an internship. This resource helps interested students on their journey of finding employment after graduation.


The Career Center’s mission statement shares their goal of encouraging students to engage, explore, experience and embark. By making an appointment with one of UNCW’s career experts, students are able to find out the different opportunities that allow them to succeed in each of these four actions. Help is offered in the areas of resume building, interview preparation, LinkedIn preparation and any other professional inquiries. The Career Center also holds multiple events each month that provide students with the opportunity to actively take steps toward their future. Along with being a part of COM Studies Day, the Career Center is also holding an event called Going Global: Finding International Jobs and Internships, this month. Events such as these allow students to gain tips about the job search process as well as network with current professionals. With all of these resources available, students are guided and encouraged through the process of finding a job after college. Even if you are unsure of which direction to take with your future, the Career Center can help you every step of the way by teaching you valuable skills necessary to starting your own career.

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In addition to utilizing the Career Center, students are encouraged to attend COM Studies Day tomorrow to hear helpful advice from previous students and get the chance to network with professionals in their field of interest. If you are still worried about finding employment, the Career Center and COM Studies Day are two very beneficial resources to utilize in finding future employment.

-Hannah Turner & Emily Foulke