The Power of Networking

Networking has been around for a long time and continues to prove the importance of it throughout one’s career.  Although many individuals cringe at the thought of networking, there are many myths that are not true about this powerful way to connect with people.  For starters that networking is just a way to get a job and that is the only benefit from it.  This is absolutely not true; it goes beyond just handing a resume to a familiar person.  These are lifelong bonds that are beneficial through an extended period of time.

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The steps to networking are easy to follow as long as you don’t let your social anxieties get the best of you.  Majority of people seem to get worked up mentally in large crowds and do not seek their full potential at a networking event.  The key is to remain calm and have a plan in motion before going to any kind of networking event.  You need to have in mind exactly what you’re going in there for and the type of candidates that would be good in your networking circle.  After meeting with contenders it is your responsibility to keep up contact and remember they are doing the favor and to really appreciate any time or feedback given.  This will build their trust and confidence in you as a person if you continually show communication efforts and motivation in that particular career field.

The potential knowledge you can gain from these people in your social circle can help you in your career when facing challenges or lead you to a new opportunity.  Networking provides a good outlet to seek access to prospective jobs that most of the times are not listed for public view.  With your inside connections you are more likely to be exposed to these hidden opportunities than others.  There is also the sharing of information and the reciprocal aspect of networking; to be able to exchange or return favors for those that have helped you to get to your career. When you finally get settled into your profession you’ll realize that it’s helpful to have an outside resource to call on during challenging times.  To have a knowledgeable mentor guide you in hard times is extremely nice because they could have already been through the same dilemma and have very informative advice to give for the sticky situation.  Networking can give you guidance on how to further your profession or possible new adventures to take with other career prospects on the rise.  These are just a glimpse at some of the amazing advantages and the enormous power of networking.

-Melissa Shampoe