Finally Done!

It’s crazy to think that 5 years ago I entered UNC-Wilmington as a freshman truly believing i knew everything and the funny thing is through all the knowledge I gained in college I now know that I know nothing. As a freshman I often heard seniors saying cliché things like, “enjoy your freshman year because it will be over before you know it” and just like any other freshmen I brushed the advice off. Now that I have friends moving away and beginning to start  their own lives, I too need to start the next chapter in my life.  Alas, I can’t help but wish I had listened to the seniors advice and cherished every moment of my college career. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of being at UNC-Wilmington but the reality is that I’m a senior who is graduating a week from now and reminiscing is not going to bring that time back.

I have to look ahead and start preparing for the future as best I can. The reason for me being a super senior is that I changed my major about a billion times because I was unsure of what I wanted to do.  I was just another typical freshmen, I goofed around for my first 2 years here and wasted a lot of time doing nothing to improve myself while being on the path to not graduate. I had to take a semester off and  took a long look at myself on how to improve myself so that I didn’t make the same mistakes again.  Luckily for me I found a major that really caught my interest and made me want to learn more in Communication Studies. Now I’m bout to graduate in a week and I know that once I leave I’ll be prepared for the challenges facing me out there in the real world, thanks to my professors. So for you undergraduates you got to find your passion or at least something that gives you the motivation to learn. Without that motivation we don’t give ourselves room to improve. Also, get to know your professors! It will make a huge difference in the amount of learning that you can get done over a semester. So goodbye my fellow students, and may you ever soar to your potential.

Gene Lee

4 thoughts on “Finally Done!

  1. Your post was awesome and I could not relate more. My years are quickly coming to an end and I am a second semester junior who is graduating a semester early. I also could not decide what I wanted to major in and changed my mind multiple times. I finally decided on Communication Studies where I also have connected with many professors which does definitely help your experience. Good luck to you in your future!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your blog post! I’m not a senior yet, I still have one more year left, so reading your post definitely gave me another perspective on how I should spend some of my time remaining at UNCW.

  3. When reading your article I knew exactly how you are feeling. Even though I still have one year of studying ahead of me, I’m already thinking back of my first years as a student as “the good old times”. However, I agree that is it important to find a major you can be passionate about, something that makes studying a little easier and that makes you excited about the future and everything that’s still to come.

  4. This blog made me slightly depressed! I have come to realize I only have ONE more year of college. The years have definitely flown by. Without a doubt, I lived it up my freshman year and my sweet little GPA is still paying the consequences. My junior year has been my most challenging year in school. However, it has also been my most successful. I found an internship that I love and it has motivated me to keep pursuing a career in event planning. The older I get the more I realize I should not take for granted the opportunity I have as a student at UNCW. 🙂

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