Remember When… “Apple” Was Just A Fruit?

Who could forget the first time we were able to hold hundreds of songs from our entire CD collection in the palm of our hand?  Or how about the first time we could browse through every artist in our musical arsenal with a gentle swipe of the thumb?  Today, Apple has taken the world by storm with a variety of products that all date back to the original iPod MP3 player, which was released on October 23, 2001.  This sleek invention took the world by storm by allowing people to store hours upon hours of music into a relatively small device that could easily fit in your pocket.  The era of cassette tapes and Walkman CD players had reached an end after the iPod hit the shelves.


Almost six years later, on June 29, 2007, Apple had another technological breakthrough with the release of the highly anticipated iPhone.  The iPhone was a combination of an iPod, phone, camera, and mini computer and gave consumers a more media based alternative to the then popular Blackberry.  People were now able to make phone calls, listen to music, take pictures and surf the web with one sleek, pocket-sized device.

Since then, Apple has consistently raised the bar by releasing new versions of the iPod and iPhone with new features and abilities that keep people wondering, “what will they do next?”

On Wednesday, Apple unveiled the newest generations of the iPod touch, iPod nano, and the iPhone 5 to a public who was highly anticipating the “next big thing” in the technology market. Although the new iPod touch and nano caught a lot of attention with their new sleek, colorful design and advances in features such as the camera and the display, the iPhone 5 was the hottest topic.Image

Over the past year, Apple fanatics have been wondering how the iPhone 4s could ever be topped. Before the unveiling, there were rumors that the iPhone 5 would come in many different colors, have a larger screen, and be made of liquid metal. After all of the hype, everyone fell silent around 10:00am on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 and finally caught a glimpse of the newest iPhone. Although it does not come in colors or liquid metal, the iPhone 5 has some notable changes in appearance.  At 7.6 mm thin, the iPhone is the thinnest and lightest smart phone on the market. In order to make the phone even lighter, the touch screen has also been altered and layers have been removed, increasing the clarity of the screen. Although the phone is thinner, it is a bit taller than the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s.  Borrowing from the extremely popular MacBook, Apple has chosen to make the iPhone 5 from a combination of aluminum and glass.

The sleek, sexy new design is not the only advantage of the newest iPhone.  For the photographer, Apple has included a camera with the ability to take panoramic shots, record HD video, and make edits.  Everyone’s favorite celebrity, Siri, has gotten even smarter than before and is capable of answering more questions.  A new application, called Passbook, is there to keep all of your tickets, boarding passes, and gift cards in one easy to reach spot.

The iPhone 5 certainly has major developments, but will it be enough for people to trade in their iPhone 4s? Apple is marketing their newest creation as “the biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.” Many people believe that Apple has a tendency to sell society things they never realized they really needed and wanted until Apple told them it was important. Will their marketing techniques work? Or will people settle for holding on to their iPhone 4s for a little while longer?

Jessie Butner, Meaghan Beam, Zach Abramo, Jack Lane