Just Go With It…

The first things that attracted me to UNCW was its proximity to the beach and because I was offered a scholarship to play volleyball here. My initial area of interest was athletic training, but I was told it would be impossible while being a student-athlete. After coming to school and doing a few basic studies classes, I was intrigued by the Communication Studies major as a whole. I was intimidated at the beginning of the COM Studies major, but after completing COM 105 and COM 200 and finally being accepted to become a COM Studies major, I knew it was the right place for me. The Communication Studies major is a mixture of all types of communication and all kinds of people. I have learned so many important skills while being in this department and I will leave UNCW with a greater understanding of what I am capable of in the real world and how bright my future really is because of my major. I have learned so much from amazing professors and great friends I have made along the way, and I wouldn’t change a day at UNCW for anything. Seahawks for life.
-Kelsey Bendig

To be honest, UNCW was not my first option when looking into my future in college. I grew up in the city and wanted to experience something different. I was looking forward to ending up on the west side of NC after moving down from NJ in 2006. After committing to UNCW, I had to sort out what I wanted to do while I was here. I was always in the mindset that I would pursue a degree in Athletic Training and stay involved with sports because it has surrounded my life. After a series of unfortunate events, I found myself looking for other career opportunities. As a general elective, I took COM 104 with Dr. Bruce McKinney. I fell in love with the department. I am one who believes that some things certainly happen for a reason and signing up for COM 104 was just another. I had not heard much about COM but decided to give it a shot and learned about a whole new side to my desire to stay involved with sports.I found myself in COM 105 and the day that I heard about IMC/PR, it hit me like an open field tackle. I shifted from working directly with the players on the sidelines to getting people to come to the games and to invest in brands. I could not get enough out of classes and was always left in anticipation of the next class and the next class. This feeling has never stopped and I am so thankful that the COM department appeared on my collegiate path. I encourage students who are dead set on a major to reconsider especially in the freshman and sophomore years. Take some time to explore things you’ve never considered. I did and it led me to the best department on UNCW’s campus. I’m proud to be an IMChawk!
-Julius Roberts

When I was looking into colleges, UNCW was always one of my first choices. The beach was always a place where I felt at home. UNCW also caught my attention because of its excellent reputation of programs that are offered. As a freshman, I decided I wanted to be a dentist and took the pre-dental route. This consisted of a great deal of biology and chemistry. I knew from my first semester that pre-dental really wasn’t for me. My older sister directed me towards Communication Studies and I am so thankful that she did. I have learned so much about myself and what I am capable of through my courses as a COM major. I’ve enjoyed each and every class as a COM major and felt like I have received a well-rounded education. I really loved how with as a COM major you could choose a concentration, but you didn’t have to. I took introductory classes for just about every concentration so that I could have a wide understanding of communication and what the major had to offer. I believe that everyone should be required to take some sort of COM class to help them understand not only how to communicate effectively, but how to truly think outside the box. I will be able to take a great deal of things that I have learned during my time at UNCW and apply it to my future career goals. This major has directed me in the path that I feel I should be on. I am very excited to see what the world holds for me and how I can use what I have learned in everyday situations.
-Andrea Blanton