This is a Tide Ad.

One of the most anticipated aspects of the Super Bowl is the commercials. The companies with the “best” Super Bowl commercials tend to be Doritos, E*TRADE, Budweiser or Bud Light. Very few people look forward to a laundry detergent commercial.

However, this year’s Tide ad, featuring David Harbour took place every quarter of the game making the viewers look forward to what the next Tide ad may be. Even if you weren’t looking for a Tide ad, you were watching one, or at least that was the idea behind the advertisement itself.

The first quarter Tide ad set the viewers up to realize that if you are watching an advertisement and the actors in it are wearing clean clothes, it could be a Tide ad. In each of the following quarters, Harbour appears in a scene that is almost identical to another company’s brand and he states “This is a Tide ad.” In one example, a family is standing around what appears to be an Amazon Alexa and “Alexa” says “this is a Tide ad,” once again reinforcing the Tide brand.

In a way, Tide took over the Super Bowl because of these advertisements. Even if the viewers weren’t watching an actual Tide ad, they would then watch another ad (Alexa for example) and think about the Tide commercial that they just watched. Procter & Gamble (Tide’s parent company) even got some free ad time for their other brands, Mr. Clean and Old Spice. This was very clever on their part because they got the audience to recognize their other brands with aspects from a Mr. Clean or Old Spice commercial while still advertising for Tide.

Overall, Tide may take the trophy for the most effective advertisement in the 2018 Super Bowl. Even as I write this blog post I realize….

This is a Tide ad.

– Logan Prochaska