Hyundai: A Dad’s Best Friend

In 2016, Hyundai premiered a new commercial during the Super Bowl starring Kevin Hart. This commercial focuses on their new Vehicle the Genesis Model. This vehicle has a “Car Finder” app built into the car that can connect to your phone, smartwatch, and other smart devices.

Instead of addressing this new feature head-on, they decided to introduce it through the use of a comedic storyline. The storyline they created focuses on a father’s dedication to keeping his daughter safe on her first date. Kevin Hart, the father, follows the car using the new feature “Car Finder”. While following the car he sneakily scares off the boy who took his daughter out on a date. Throughout the storyline, they added exaggerated scenes of Kevin Hart hiding in stuffed animals and riding in a helicopter with missiles. It is safe to say that Kevin Hart is not playing around when it comes to his daughter.


The reason why this style of marketing works is because of two reasons: Pathos and structure. Pathos is used a lot in this commercial to help viewers find a deeper connection with the product. The commercial uses humor to bring in the audience through the silly antics Kevin Hart goes through to look over his daughter. However, throughout the story, you also can gain a sense of nostalgia, love, or a warm feeling from seeing how much a father cares for his daughter.

Hyundai also used a narrative structure instead of a chronological style. This structure allows viewers the chance to connect through the use of pathos. It also sets itself apart from other car commercials because they did not blatantly talk about their vehicle. They grabbed the audience’s attention before introducing the product they were selling.

In the end, Hyundai is a dad’s best friend.
Myranda Ross