COM Life is the Good Life

They say that college is supposed to be the best four years of your life, that college is what prepares you most for life in the real world. With graduation right around the corner, it is hard to believe that after all this time the end of school is near.

Through it all, I cannot imagine going through college without being a COM Studies major.

Communication is an essential part of life. As a COM Studies major, I have learned how to ‘manage mutual responding,’ to otherwise create and deliver messages across various contexts. Paper after paper, group project after group project, I have worked on assignments that apply to real life situations. Through the COM Studies Department, I have learned how to live by tikkun olam and contribute to the repair of the world, while also learning how to utilize and incorporate each of the core skills into my everyday life.

But most importantly, I have learned more about my life, my relationships, and myself. Each and every COM class has taught me why we do the things we do, the reasons why we react a certain way, or why we prefer one thing to another. I have learned how to step out of my comfort zone and have since become a very talkative people person. From my tight knit group of friends to the friends I have made through the COM Studies Department, the friendships I have made along the way will last a lifetime.

As I close the chapter on my time at UNCW, I look forward to the start of a new beginning. Through all the laughs and sleepless nights, I will never forget all of the wonderful, kindhearted individuals I got to call my chosen family. Because-She-Straight-Up-Hero.gif

Best wishes,

Aris Harding