Onto the Next Adventure

It seems like just yesterday I was hitting the snooze button to get me up for my 8:00am COM 200 class. I lay there debating if I really wanted to be a Communication Studies major or if I should just go back to sleep. Thank God I chose to roll of bed and make it to class that semester because choosing to be a COM major was the best decision of my college career.

Through the many classes I have taken in Strategic Writing, Integrated Marketing Communication, Advertising and Public Relations I have discovered so much about the world around me and have become more than enough prepared for a career in those fields. I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of all my professors and classmates. The Communication Studies Department community has become like a family to me now. I am certainly going to miss seeing familiar faces from my classes around campus and in Wilmington.

The opportunity to go to UNC Wilmington has truly brought me the best education, experiences and friends. I am undoubtedly ready to take the next step in my life, but I will never forget all the memories I’ve made at this school. Thank you to all those who have made my time here so magical!



Forever the shortest in every picture~


All the best,

Madeline Therrell

4 thoughts on “Onto the Next Adventure

  1. I am in the same boat as you Madeline. It is amazing how fast times flies by where we are all wishing to start all over again but are happy to moving on to the next biggest thing. Which is creating more memories from the ones we built in while in school. As you may remember when Dr.Weber said COM major is right for any career you decide to do.

  2. This is such a refreshing feeling to see a senior so happy with the progress you’ve made! I’m a new transfer and about to graduate next year and it’s uplifting to see someone so excited and prepared!

  3. Madeline, I loved reading this! I am currently in COM 200 (very close to the end though!) and at times throughout the semester would get so frustrated and debate whether or not this was the right path for me. Looking back to the beginning of the semester, I’m so glad I stuck with it and look forward to taking more COM classes and figuring out what area of COM I’m most passionate about. Good luck in the future!

  4. This post has really reassured me of why I want to be a COM major. You really seemed to have enjoyed it and have a bight outlook on your future because of what you have learned. Communication is a universal skill that can be applied practically anywhere and I’m glad to hear good things about the COM department at UNCW from someone who has been through the ringer.

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