Drink Neuro: Functional Beverage, Functional Branding?

Founded in 2007 by Diana Jenkins, Neuro has become a premium functional beverage.  The beverages slogan “Light it Up” hints at the drinks infusion of science to spark the body’s reaction in order for consumers to live and not merely exist.  Neuro provides a beverage that ignites your passions and stimulates your mind, fueling consumers to live life in color.  Neuro created a beverage for a healthier life through vitamin D and appetite control.


The creator, Diana Jenkins creatively designed each Neuro bottle to be fully recyclable.  There are 8 flavors of Neuro water, all only 35 calories, and none contain artificial flavors or colors.  Some of the flavors include neuroTRIM, which slows your appetite, neuroSONIC to increase your ability to focus, neuroSLEEP to help you rest, and neuroGASM, which makes your blood flow.

Do these drinks actually do what Neuro promotes or is it just a giant branding stunt to help sell their product?  According to warnings on each bottle or Neuro, the statements made by the company have never been evaluated by the Federal Drug Administration and are not to be used as daily supplements.  This makes it seem that the statements made by the company are purely for branding purposes and to catch the consumer’s attention.

Following these claims Neuro has completed other stunts in order to hitch their brand image.  We all know the saying sex sells and Neuro hopped on the idea by publishing photo shopped images of half naked women covered in Neuro beverages.  By surfing the Internet for Neuro ads there are three main photos of headless, half clothed women, all which read “It’s All About You.”  Are these photos also how they hope to create their brand image or is it just another way to draw attention to their product?


Neuro is a fairly new product and company; it is vital that the company produces a strong brand image.  It is those companies who are able to create that positive brand image that successfully compete with competitors.  Neuro sounds like a new trendy beverage but are they employing the right tactics to brand themselves effectively.   Neuro is a functional beverage but are their branding methods functional?

Jessie Butner, Meaghan Beam, Zach Abramo, Jack Lane