Learning cont.

Four years ago I was excited yet dumbfounded to be initiated into the life of a college student. From the bustle of dorm life and fitting in, to the restrictions made by school work and the dread of 8am classes there really wasn’t a moment where I wasn’t learning something new. In-fact if there is one thing that has stuck with me it is simply that; there is never an end to learning.

I came in to the University of North Carolina Wilmington kind of jaded by the thought of being weighed down by more school work and learning pointless material. It was only the past few semesters where I really became disgustingly interested in my classes. If it wasn’t for my chance discovery of the Communications Studies department’s video production courses I probably wouldn’t have found my way so easily. I was actually thinking about that just the other night. If it wasn’t for this school, my courses, and a few teachers I wouldn’t have been a production assistant on One Tree Hill or other major productions that Wilmington houses. The point of college is to find those tiny glimmers of opportunity that randomly present themselves. You have to learn to see them first, though. By learning to see them, I am simply referring to the broadening of one’s mind and seeing the possibilities in something small like a professor’s request for help in an email, or a club event, or anything small that may lead you to meet and come in contact with all the right people.

I managed to take advantage of some of these opportunities throughout my stay at UNCW and now I am lined up with a movie production fresh out of college. I say to those of you in school: don’t be afraid to take risks, do things you may not think you like, and challenge yourself to take your learning off campus. There is a world outside of the university that your teachers are trying to teach you, but you also have to go out and learn some stuff for yourself. Life is a never-ending journey, and I will never stop learning.
By: Sara Kaloudis