Sunset chasing

For as long as I remember, my favorite thing in the world is to watch the sunset. When I was little, I used to think that if I ran fast enough I could catch the sunset. I would patiently wait for 6 o’clock to come around before rushing out the door with my mom and running down the street. My mom would play along with me and tell me that if I ran fast enough I could catch it.  When my family and I were on the boat, I would yell at my dad to go faster so I’d have a better chance of catching the sun before it disappeared into the water.

My obsession didn’t end as I grew up. Over the years I have complied an entire album on my phone of sunset pictures . I have over 100 pictures on my phone of just sunsets (see pictures below). Although some are prettier than others they each represent different eras of my life (I actually cried when I broke my phone and thought all the picture were gone.)



Continuing into college, my sunset chasing is still going strong. Regardless of how hectic my life may be, I always make time to drive to the beach and catch even just the last few minutes of the sunset. This has become very therapeutic to me. Watching the sunset is something that reminds of my childhood, and years later, still bring me the same joy as it did when I was 8 years old.

My advice to you is to find something this season that makes you stop and take in all that life has to offer. Whether it’s watching the sunset or taking a yoga class; It is important to find something that inspires you and makes you slow down and breathe.