Vancouver 2010 Heightens Mobile Advertising Technology

The Olympics have come a long way since they began in 776 B.C., and with current mobile advertising technology, the games will continue to expand and reach new audiences. During the Beijing Summer Olympics, NBC executives were shocked to see that 6.5 million viewers visited their mobile website during the games. This is the inspiration that caused NBC to add two applications, a smartphone version of the NBC Olympics mobile site, and new social media features to its mobile offerings.  In addition, NBC said they have been “able to attract advertisers to mobile—not because it was part of a large media TV or online buy—but because of the strong performance numbers from Beijing.” The applications offer news results, videos and the opportunity for viewers to follow athletes’ Twitter feeds and Facebook; however, there are no live coverage links of the events. With changing technology, many fear that such an ancient tradition that has contributed so much to our world history may be lost. However, with advances such as smartphone applications and mobile coverage, the games will be further preserved.

Lacey Inman

Stephanie Saulsbury