Shelby Watson

Helping you tell stories with heart

Shelby Watson is a senior double majoring in Film Studies and Communication Studies at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. She has a great passion for creating engaging stories and helping others tell their own stories. She has worked as a Writing Consultant for the UNCW Learning Center for 3 years, where she helps students strengthen their writing and composition skills so they can tell their own stories more effectively. In the realm of marketing, Shelby demonstrates mastery in writing copy using different brand voices, copyediting, and digital and social media publishing. She is certified in the Hootsuite Platform and can help your brand develop messaging that effectively tells your unique story.

Outside of her passion for storytelling, Shelby enjoys creating and learning in other ways. She serves as Co-President for UNCW’s Creative Arts Club, which encourages students to explore their creativity through any artistic medium they like. She loves trying new recipes, especially if it involves chocolate. She enjoys traveling and learning about other cultures and world history. After graduation, she will be traveling across the European continent and is most excited to visit Switzerland. She also loves animals and enjoys learning fun facts about different species, especially cats of all shapes and sizes. Cheetahs are her favorite animal but since she can’t have one as a pet, she has an adorable calico at home.