The Evolution of an Icon: Lady Gaga’s Brand Image

This year’s Super Bowl showdown between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots is just days away. More than 100 million people tune in to the football game annually, but many of these people only care about the iconic halftime show performance. Over the last few decades, some of the world’s biggest stars have hit the stage, drawing in viewers from all walks of life. This year’s Super Bowl halftime performer is the one and only Lady Gaga.


When Lady Gaga came onto the pop music scene in 2008 with her hit single “Just Dance”, the world did know that a pop culture icon was being born. Over the next few years, she would go on to release single after single that topped the charts. Her fame grew exponentially and she gained a loyal fan following that would praise her every move. Lady Gaga began to refer to herself as “Mother Monster.” Gaga sent a message to the world that she embraces the weird in people rather than criticizing them, and encourages her fans to not be afraid of being a little different.

Aside from her music, one of the most iconic aspects of her brand image would have to be her out-of-this-world fashion choices. Fashion critics and fans alike would anxiously await for Gaga to arrive at red carpet because there was no telling what she would wear next. Lady Gaga’s raw meat dress from the 2010 VMA’s was arguably (but really there is no argument) one of the most memorable fashion statements ever made. 2010 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

While Gaga’s fashion choices seem to be a little less extreme in recent years, her advocacy for LGBT rights, women’s rights, and against sexual violence have certainly not slowed down. Lady Gaga has used her voice and massive following to fight for the rights of so many people. She has cemented her brand image as someone who advocates tirelessly for equality.

With that being said, there is no doubt that Lady Gaga’s half time performance this Sunday will be anything short of iconic. What will she do with this massive platform? I think it is safe to say that a statement will be made. Do you think Lady Gaga will send a social message? Bring back the (now very very aged) meat dress? Or will she just captivate the world with her amazing vocals?

Leave a comment down below telling us your 2017 Super Bowl half time performance predictions.

-Jaime Mangold



What’s the Real Show?

During a regulation NFL game there is a 15 minute break between the 2nd and 3rd quarters. This halftime break was originally instituted so the participants of the game could catch their breath and re-energize. During the Super Bowl, halftime lasts for a minimum of 30 minutes. Not only is that plenty of time for a player to catch his breath, that could allow him an opportunity to take a nap and check some emails. The mid-game break is actually long enough that coaches usually alter practices leading up to the big game in order to prepare their players for dealing with the extended down time. Despite this, there has never been a serious motion to shorten the length of the break. On the contrary, every few years halftime will run a little long to better accommodate the length of more extravagant halftime shows.

This presents an interesting phenomenon. The Super Bowl, the game that decides who the best team is in the highest level of the most popular sport in America, is consistently interrupted for at least 15 minutes more than is necessary so an assortment of washed up and unknown artists can perform for a crowd that has paid at least double the average monthly income for a ticket to the game. It is widely known that companies spend millions of dollars for a chance to slip a commercial in between the biggest football game of the year, but this event has become so large that the game itself is being postponed in order to make room for the event that surrounds it. That’s the kind of marketing that is normally reserved for religious holidays and national celebrations.

So what makes the Super Bowl half-time show so special? It is the second most anticipated part of the event, besides of course, who wins the championship.  The hype of who is performing is always a boost for the performers publicity, but what if Madonna blows it like the Black Eyed Peas did last year?  What will that do to her brand as being Madonna, the Queen of pop? There is a lot at stake when involving yourself in the biggest event of the year.  Let’s just hope there are no wardrobe malfunctions or fumbled lyrics this year.

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