Sammy C. Hawk

You are going to type your bio in full here. try to use 2-3 short, separate paragraphs of text refer to the information in slack to make sure that you have selected to make a copy of this template and that you are not editing it so that others may use it.

grayscale photography of parrot

Photo by Jean van der Meulen on

After you have finished typing your bio you will click in between two of your paragraphs and go up to the toolbar above and click add to put your image in the middle of the text. Once you have added the image click on the image and in the corner click and drag the image inward or outward to make the dimensions about 340x 230 it does not need to be exact. Then clicking on the image again the image should pop up with its own toolbar, you will click the third icon to right-align the image in your text so it looks like this.

Once that is done make sure you put your name in the Title box and click publish in the upper right-hand corner. Again please DO NOT EDIT this draft. You must click make a copy, which the screencap in slack will show you how to do that if you are unsure how to do so.