Ben Yerby



My name is Benjamin Yerby. I am currently a senior here at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. I am seeking a degree in Communication Studies with a minor in Digital Arts. I consider myself to be all things creative, whether it be graphic design, photography, film and video production, and even landscape and interior design. I chose to become a Communication Studies major because the discipline and knowledge can be applied to any field that one might think of. It is a necessity to be able to know how to communicate in order to make your way in this world. For me, I hope to enter the world of advertising with knowledge of how to communicate brands effectively and efficiently through the use of various media working together in harmony. It is my pleasure to be able to provide you with knowledge and wisdom over the next several months, so I hope you enjoy reading our blog.

Hobbies: Photography, building/home remodeling, outdoor activities in general, watching and collecting movies, and I tend to dance a lot.

Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump, but Interstellar is definitely up there.

Favorite Band and Solo Artist: U2, and Phil Collins

Dream Job: Creative Director for The Walt Disney Company, or if I am dreaming really big, Pixar.