Melissa Olan

Melissa OlanHello, my name is Melissa! I am currently a senior at UNCW, enjoying my final semester as I prepare to graduate in May. I am a Communication Studies major with a minor in Recreation, Sports Leadership and Tourism Management. I have taken a variety of classes within the Communication major, and IMC courses have been my favorite. I enjoy these courses as they allow me to explore creativity and professionalism within the bounds of social media or specific content creation. 

Aside from the joy of taking IMC courses, I also have a passion for health, wellness and movement. Currently, I am a yoga teacher and a group fitness instructor to bring safe and ethical movement to everyone and every body. Health, wellness and yoga has been a passion of mine for years and I hope to eventually pursue a job that aligns with a health or wellness company or service. Upon graduation, I plan to take time off to explore my options and pursue yoga full time before settling into a full-time corporate job. Aside from yoga or my studies, you can always catch me cooking, moving or being outdoors soaking up the sun and fresh air.