Linnea Nordqvist

Lin is an international student from Sweden (the European country that is famous for anything but chocolate and watches). She has a bachelor in international sales and marketing and is currently pursuing a master´s degree in communication at the University of Gothenburg. The fall semester at UNCW is the 5th semester she is studying abroad during her higher education. She is an outdoor enthusiast and even though she prefers to ski and be surrounded by snow-covered mountains she is enjoying ultimate frisbee and indoor rock climbing at UNCW.

Lin has previous experience of global e-commerce marketing towards the Swedish, Danish, and Australian markets primarily. She is motivated by a dynamic and ever-changing working environment and before she dies, she hopes to be the highest educated bed and breakfast owner in the Italian Alps. Lin will be graduating in June 2020 and is eager to find an international position, preferably located in a mountain range somewhere in the world to kick-start her career.